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  1. Plant once quipped it’s about a “Chick from Detroit” that seems more likely Jimmy ain’t exactly “Big legged” either lol you’re far out man
  2. Robbie Blunt has great tone, came up with some great stuff on those albums
  3. Looks like 72 to me, but that’s an amazing pic all the same !
  4. Jimmy has always been pretty evasive and vague about his recording and production techniques. I’ve analyzed lots of stuff and feel like I understand his approach, but there’s lots of blank spaces where he has never revealed his techniques publicly
  5. Yep it’s a bombshell folks need to check it out
  6. Could possibly be the Eventide Phaser unit, they used that on Bonzos drums and Vocals during live shows. It has a much bigger sweep than MXR
  7. Zep tribute band Stairway to Zeppelin they came thru town last nite here’s some video !
  8. I thought it was Jimmy ! He breaks a string which initiates this whole sequence he’s doing that while waiting for Ray to fix string you can see a bit of white sleeve of Jimmys dragon suit if you think Jonesy would let a lowly roadie come on stage and beat his bass with drumsticks, well, I don’t know what to tell ya !
  9. My personal fave Bonzo sound is Euro 73 on the Green Sparkle kit, just perfect cracking sound, love it. he got a hell of a sound out of the SS kit in 1979, less so in 77 and 80
  10. Well Rich Robinson is an idiot because that would’ve been the first and only time Page used his Production abilities on any act he wasn’t a part of.
  11. I need to listen to Mobile again. I’ve always thought they sound sluggish at that show, never understood the love for it. But, I’ll give it a fresh listen it’s been years since I have.
  12. Hope you enjoy my laid back instrumental version of All my Love
  13. Yep, arguably Pages best post 73 performance
  14. The 11th is a Jimmy train wreck almost nothing there of use. Maybe No Quarter thats it.
  15. Yeah just MAYBE bangin her sister was issue
  16. Whitehead finally got popped sorry had to RIP
  17. Fair enough, but still, this is one of my all time fave Heartbreakers Jimmy just kills it imho
  18. Totally disagree on Heartbreaker come on man that’s best post 73 version ! Listen to that solo when the band kicks in he nails everything !
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