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I wanted to start a Bizarre Stream of Conciousness thread, but the first idea I had was so stupid that I know no one would respond to it. It was a scenario of Zeppelin meets the Partridge family that was so funny in my head, but when I started to type it, I knew people would hate it. I want a silly thread for silly people. I need to do more thinking. :chickeddance:

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I wanted to start a Bizarre Stream of Conciousness thread, but the first idea I had was so stupid that I know no one would respond to it. It was a scenario of Zeppelin meets the Partridge family that was so funny in my head, but when I started to type it, I knew people would hate it. I want a silly thread for silly people. I need to do more thinking. :chickeddance:

Don't be silly! :lol:

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That could be happening too. I can sympathize with that. I'm about ready to start pulling my hair out over my school work. <_<:(

I know how you feel with the school work.

I am very relieved that I'm finally at spring break, after tomorrow. LOL.

I shelved all (okay, most) of my books. I've actually got one in my lap right now, LOL.

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At my school we weren't allowed to leave campus unless we were in our last year and even then many people didn't go any where because the school was in the suburbs and there was nothing but houses around.

You call that prison? :blink:

Jeez, that's like a prison <_<

Again i say,you call That prison?

Hello children,welcome to Ireland,the police-state.

:lol: You think you have a prison,well,picture this:

secondaries are almost ALL one-sex (This is a perk for anyone who has gotten into trouble for being kicked in the crotch by a girl)

all the students wear uniforms,there's very strict punishment for not wearing the uniform,such as extra-long detention,50+ lines etc...

And the only unisex schools are entirely Irish (You get more points for doing your Leaving Cert 'As Gáeilge' but you'd fuck it up and be sweeping the streets unless you're Irish was superhuman) This means that you must speak Irish art all times,learn all subjects through Irish,take your tests through Irish,and learn English as a second language,SEVERE punishments on those who dear to utter "DIRTY (Not obscene) SASSANACH (English) WORDS!!!"

I knew a primary teacher who physically abused children for speaking English,but they wouldn't speak up in case he'd hurt them,it was subtle stuff,no beatings,but he'd take a very,very sharp pen or pencil and stab you as hard as he could into your open palm as he pushed down screaming "DO YOU LIKE THAT,FILTHY SASSANACH!?!?!?!?"

In his class,you'd only be allowed to speak English when a picture of the queen was up

The propaganda was scary stuff,questions in a test would be like "Who formed the Fíanna Fáil party?" (Our equivalent of a Republican party) and "who said to hell or to Connaught?" (Massive Irish history thing,but it's about the English coming in and murdering us,Oliver Cromwell said it) I could go on forever,we used to this thing called USSR,Uninterrupted,Sustained,Silent,Reading,no one adds uninterrupted and sustained to silent reading without a cause,i was the only one who actually knew what the real meaning of USSR was,the school plays were,well i'll tell you about those on another day,it was really quite something! :blink: If a teacher didn't like you,he/she would try to hold you back a year,even without cause,i narrowly avoided this.

So,we have the choice of happy childhood (Girls but lear in Irish) or a happy adulthood (The opposite.)

In primary,the most degrading thing in the world was the "school dance",it wasn't really a dance and existed solely to slowly break down your self-confidence,nothing is more depressing than seeing girls say they'd rather go with another girl than you,i wasn't even able to find a gay partner since i was always last pick,degrading,forcing Children together and then leaving them with in a gay relationship that they don't want isn't good,then separating them from each other means i had no hope,any relationships to be had reuqires a major life choice,and all that rugby doesn't really help with looking straight,it's a stupid thing to do to kids,it turns every generation into a bunch of chaste religious lunatics.

Also,the prefect system had NOTHING to do with academics,if you could speak "Gáeilge go líofa" (Fluent Irish) you were in,your job would be to inform (Much in the style of Stalinist Russia) on English speakers,i remember when they first came up with the idea,they weren't called prefects,no,no,they were called "leaders",they got to wear these neat red armbands to show their superiority over you (Like the Hitler Youth!Yay!) or white (The very worst color to associate with supremicism)

So,Irish Prison!

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Same here, I think it's a bit childish to run off and act like a nazi just because a few people did a few things to upset you.

Didn't you have a table in your school cafeteria where all the snobby people sat and acted like they were better than everyone else?

I never paid attention to the tables of other folks. I sat with my friends or by myself or, best choice, skipped the cafeteria entirely. Jello with rubbery cabbage blended into the top of it... blechhh.

As for childish nazis running off because "a few people..." ... I always thought of it as more like the 'outcasts'... but okay, whatever. If folks don't want you around, what's wrong with going elsewhere? I sometimes go to other boards when this place gets on my nerves. I wonder if all the other boards that .com folks started for various reasons are 'snob table' boards too. If people gave me a lot of shit about stuff I might not want to hang around for the abuse either.

But maybe they just like to march around and yell mean slogans or something... it should be okay though... as long as they don't say anything mean about kitties.

It's okay Sarah.

Stay away from the snob table and all will be okay.

So is the snob table club real?

Yeah, but I shouldn't be saying anything about it or they'll come after me.

That's true. I think I hear the stomp of the Nazi jackboots... look out, they're gonna ... they're gonna... what?


My random fact... I got to spend most of my Spring Break recovering from a bit of oral surgery. I wouldn't mind having a few more days off before going back to class... but, that won't happen. Oh well. Maybe next year they'll consult me about setting up the school calendar. :lol:

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You gotta love snoots, prudes and rudes. I say have a snoot full and pass the bottle this way. Their tables usually collapse.

Would anyone happen to know where I could get one of those Earls Court DVD's? I think someone named Diana Lauria had one? I own all the rest.


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