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Hey Whyalla...is that siggy of yours...your picture ?

It's furicken great !! and I wondered...do you remember what they were playing during that shot ?

thanks....great pics there !!!

Hi Joelmon. Yep it's all my own work and currently adornes my desktop as well. I don't remember what they played at that specific time - I was too buzzed or crying tears of joy :rolleyes: It must have been late on though as most of my early photos suffered from some serious hand wobble. :D I'll look through some video footage and sync it up and let you know.

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Great picks airwaves. And what a fantastic position you got into, literally within touching distance.

Hi Whyalla

Yeh - we joined the queue at around 1.oo pm on the Sunday and queued overnight in about 10th & 11th place. It meant that we were on the front barrier just to the right of being level with Jimmy. Well worth the effort.

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Hey Whyalla:

Can you tell me why there are banquet tables? Do you know what was served?...

I don't think you would have seen fancy tables and dishes like that at a rock concert in the 70's...hehehe!!!!


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