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What Made You Happy today?

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I'm quite positive that if i borrowed fifty bucks from you, it was for your own good. ;)

Good to see Nick has out doing his collections...now i know who to avoid! :P

Bass strings can get expensive..... It's a good thing I only change them every 2 years or so....


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Talking with Dad earlier this morning, and listening to the beer, wine and vodka-fueled birthday party now birthday.gif in progress next door. Even the dog is having fun barking. They are feeling no pain. biggrin.gif

And enjoying this glass of cabernet.

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:wub: She's absolutely precious Hotplant!

Thanks Nine!

Yes She is, and a Playstation Addict by the look of it.:lol:

Very Kind Regards, Danny and ROCK ON FOREVER my friend ROF ROF ROF HA HA HA

Thank you too BD. Yes, that's what they're doing. :lol:

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^ :) Yes I am very proud. Being my firstborn's first baby.

What a trip.

3 months eh? Congratulations! Getting any sleep yet? ;)

Your firstborn's first born...very cool!

It's our first also....You said something about sleep? What is this sleep?

Not so much :lol:

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We had a nice potluck at work today with wonderful food. And it's an absolutely glorious fall day; peak foliage; clear blue sky, in the 70s; windows are open and I had a great run with my son :)

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Found 'em! You really made me search for these. :P

What a beautiful baby! As pretty as her name. Gorgeous blue eyes. She obviously takes after her grandma. :)

Oh and her daddy is cute too - he reminds me of my son. Our kids have great genes. ;)

Thanks Mandy, here are two, a bit blury but still...




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