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What kind of car do you own?

Led Zep Girl

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2010-nissan-altima.jpg2010 Nissan Altima....that cranks Led Zeppelin

Awesome! My friend just got an Altima & she loves it! It's a really nice car!

ZX14R is what gives me joy - I love the fact that no car could outrun me even if the driver tried...


Cool bike. Please tell me you wear a helmet..

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1969 Plymouth Fury III

318 V8

Bought it for my 17 year old son last year, but he ended up getting hit, and it took almost a year in the shop.

When I got it out, he was excited, but at 18, he really needed a car he can just turn the key and drive, without having to baby it.

So I let him have the 2002 Chrysler 300M I recently got, and now he has leather seats, AC and heat while I'm driving the icebox, LOL.

He's still making the payments, we simply switched cars.

Right now it's my daily driver.

I'll have what I owe on it paid off within the year, and then Ill try to get something else cheap to drive so I can let this sit and work on it.

It's hard to tear it down to do some major repair/refurb work when you have to drive it to work Monday morning.

I'd love to find a 440 to drop in, that would make for a pretty sweet sleeper.

But mostly I want to restore everything to working condition (A/C, heat, instrument panel, etc.) and then add a stereo.

Also want to put some bigger tires/wheels on it.


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Wow TypeO, your car is pretty damned cool looking. Hope you don't drive a lot of miles.

LOL, thanks.

I drive probably 20-30 miles a day.

It's a little over 8 miles to my job.

Many days it's just there and back.

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