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What #'s of the limited edition numbered super deluxe box sets did you get?

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I received my numbered 4 from Willowbooks. Still not opened it though! Just cant bring myself to open it. I now have them all numbered and all are still unopened.

Today I spoke to a record shop in Dundee who are advertising IV super deluxe on ebay with a picture of the rear cover showing the first pressing statement . I called them and as they had to stock to verify they contacted the record company. they were told that only 3500 numbered copies of IV were reserved from the UK and they were sent mixed with unnumbered copies. they could order one but couldnt guarantee that it would be numbered.

Very interesting. We now have a worry about Physical Graffiti. I might preorder copies from a few stores just in case we have the same issue.



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I - 4998

II - 26510

III - 12051

IV - 22389

HOTH - 10590

Initially Amazon Canada sent me 2 copies of IV instead of 1 IV and 1 HOTH. They were really quick sending out a new HOTH. I just returned the second IV unopened.... it also had a limited edition print.

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I had pre-ordered the LZIV box from Amazon in the US. On release day, I received my box with the print numbered 29,981.

Because of a defect in the vinyl on the main disc, I arranged an exchange through Amazon about 3 weeks later and received my replacement box with the print numbered 9,440. I'll probably keep the lower numbered print and return the higher one with the damaged goods. If the second box had arrived without a numbered print, I certainly would have kept the first print.

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I'm very annoyed that even tho I preordered Four Symbols from Amazon, I got an unnumbered copy! :redcard:

IV - not numbered

V - 02606

Many of us do not have a numbered edition. You have to think that many people wanted this album and we got to selected 30000.

Sounds like they saved the numbered copies for the US market. I just ordered a SECOND LZIV deluxe edition last week from Amazon - and it was numbered! I feel bad for my Euro friends that pre-ordered it and didn't get one! Not fair!

This is all very intriguing and, for those that didn't receive a numbered copy, maddening, for I was just in Amoeba Records yesterday and they still have numbered edition copies of the Super Deluxe Box Sets for IV, Houses...and even III still on the shelves.

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Got my boxes a week ago and regarding the 'IV' none of them was numbered. I pre ordered the minute after they went online through Amazon UK and bought one copy in a local store. It seems like all numbered copies ended up in the US.

Returned my 3 boxes to Amazon UK and re ordered through a local dealer in Los Angeles. I opened up all 3 of them and the # span from 002500 up till late 29000.

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Returned my 3 boxes to Amazon UK and re ordered through a local dealer in Los Angeles. I opened up all 3 of them and the # span from 002500 up till late 29000.

Congratulations! My local Amoeba still has numbered editions of I, III, and IV on the shelves. Didn't see any II or HotH. So if you are one of the unnumbered classes, maybe you can return your unnumbered box and order thru Amoeba.com?

Noticed a numbered IV box on the shelf today and grabbed it, #23333. Seems JB Hi-Fi were unloading their unnumbered copies on the Australian public before putting the numbered ones out.

Spare unnumbered IV box with unplayed discs going cheap...

Hahaha! Yeah, no doubt. I have to say that was very unprofessional on JB Hi-Fi's part. Makes you wonder how many people got stuck with unnumbered boxes due to their incompetence?

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Is there a way to tell they are numbered without opening them? I got a IV from Amazon.co.uk and it is the only one I got unnumbered so far.



Yes there is.

On a numbered version the front sticker on the shrink wrap and the overlay on the back of the box both state something along the lines of "individually or uniquely numbered A4 artwork print", or words to that effect.

On an unnumbered version, this line states something like High quality A4 print, missing the words "individually numbered"


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It all begins again!!! With Physical Graffiti being announced, will the UK get numbered copies. Ive pre-ordered my Super Deluxe set from Amazon UK today so I am keeping everything crossed that I get a numbered copy. At £110 I expect nothing less!!!!

also a bit gutted that there is only 1 companion disc with 7 tracks on it. I was expecting much more! :(

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Please excuse me, this is my first post. What brought me here was to find if anyone has claimed #1 on any of the sets.

I would like to share...

My journey began at Record Theatre when the first three albums were release, I was disappointed that Led Zeppelin & Led Zeppelin II Super Deluxe were sold...so was my hopes for the collection. So I purchased the standard deluxe editions (1-3) to crave my satisfaction.

Fast forward to mid-December, I was Christmas shopping for my wife and daughter at B-st B-y, I decided to stop by the music aisle and noticed that IV was available for deluxe but HotH was sold out for the deluxe version, I wandered to the next aisle and saw that they had both IV & HotH for Super Deluxe first press. Needless to say Merry Christmas to me. I thought at least I have those as first press editions. Continuing my holiday shopping, I wandered down the plaza a few stores down to the big name book store (B-rnes n Nob-e) and they had all five, first press, I could not resist and scooped up I-III (I could not believe the first 2 albums were still available in stores). They all have the sticker on the front and the tag on the back stating first press of 30,000. To this day I cannot bring myself to open (although I want to). In addition to my unopened Super Deluxe sets, I decided to buy deluxe editions to listen to.

After reading these stories about the horror that fans have endured I feel extremely fortunate, I just hope the wagon-wheel keeps rolling for me and I can secure Physical.

Just wanted to share... Man, I love these albums.

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It seems odd to me that of all the fans in the world, that I was able to get 1/30000 for each of the releases (1-3 months after their release). Is it possible that it is a scam?


Numbered print box sets are still around, saw this III just the other day and it's been there for months..... A snip at £99.99.

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