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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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That's what she says (points to avatar).. :D

Man, I wish.

She's a cutie, you should mosey over to the "Beautiful Girls \ Women" thread, you might run into her there .....I posted the first pic, well..in this incarnation of the board anyway. Good to see you and make your aquaintence my large friend....
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let see if people will remember me when im covering my face...


wait, im not so sure people would remember me if i wasnt covering my face haha

Son of a gun your avatar looks familiar.....dang it all, it's driving me crazy, but I'm drawing a blank :(

*Oh, I know who you are now :shifty:...I cheated though :rolleyes:. I wouldn't have guessed. I've never seen you before anyways :lol:.

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How long have you guys been married, Matt?

4 years this New Year's Eve. Getting married on New Year's Eve was more awesome than I could've thought. You figure, everyone is always looking for something to do on New Year's anyway, and so it's a great excuse for your friends/family to get dressed up and go to a nice party, with dinner and open bar. You do the countdown to midnight on the dance floor, then keep on dancing and partying after. There was a New Year's party going on in the ballroom next to ours, and by the end of the night the wedding and the NY party were merging, with people going back and forth. Good times!

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