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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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Here I am! (I'm sure some of you have seen this before):


I think you won't believe, but I never see this pic before...

(and i still don't see it, coz photobucket do not open in this machine) :P

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This is quite an old picture now, but seeing as this is a new board and everything, I thought it best to start with one that's just a plain, bogstandard photo of me:


Instead of one of me with Dr Who creatures or anything, y'know. Haha.

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Cool new pics guys!

I have some to add that none of you have seen. My husband and I went on a road trip to Kentucky Indiana, and Tennessee a couple of months ago and I never got around to posting pics...I'm glad I hadn't wasted the effort in light of this new board!


This is our nephew Derek's Army graduation in Fort Knox, KY


In a restaurant overlooking a BEATIFUL view of the Ohio river in Indiana


Visiting DayTripper (remember her?) in Louisville, KY


Me and The King in Nashville...thank ya very muuuuuch


Chuck and I in BB King's Blues Club in Nashville...sweet place to go if you ever visit that city

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