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I'm doing better now that I have your attention.

Now ... if only Mandy Pandy Puddin' and Pie would stop tellin' all the girls that I don't shower and my mother dresses me funny ... I would be golden.


Who told you that I hated it when my dad used to call me Mander-Danders, Puddin' Pie! :angry:

My sister told you when she was using my computer, didn't she?

Awww....she's dead...I'm gonna kill her! :angry::angry:

Mander-Danders, puddin' pie

Kissed the boys and made them cry

When Britter-Critter came out to play,

Mander-Danders run-ded away....

Aw man...that used to get me all sorts of fired up.

Sisters. Thanks a lot, Britt. :rolleyes:<_<:angry:

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