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Best Led Zeppelin Live Album.

Best Led Zeppelin Live Album  

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  1. 1. Live Albums

    • The Song Remains The Same
    • BBC Sessions
    • How The West Was Won
    • DVD

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BBC Sessions doesn't get enough credit. The 04-01-1971 performance on Disc 2 is a perfect set if ever I heard one.

Alot of people dis-own it because Jimmy edited and over-dubbed the tracks, but I have the bootleg, and it sounds almost exactly the same with a few minor things done to remove some tape hiss and balance the EQ. Actually, I prefer the bootleg.

1) BBC Sessions

2) Official DVD (mainly because of the Royal Albert Hall performance)

3) How the West Was Won

4) The Song Remains the Same (I rank this low because of all the editing done - you can't really get a feel for the show because its a mash-together of a few different nights)

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I would have voted for TSRTS... but they fucked up the remaster of No Quarter, and butchered Jimmy's beautiful guitar solo..

besides... HTWWW felt like you were being hit by a train for every single second, even during the acoustic stuff... it was so powerful, I couldnt believe it!

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I voted for the DVD. How the West Was Won is pretty good too. If I had to pick I'd say DVD because it has from when they first started to their last performance. So, I picked the DVD.

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Hello Zep fans- Ive just registered on this site.

I chose the DVD. I love watching the band evolve. You get almost their whole catalog.

P.S.- I wonder why they didn't get anything from In Through the Out Door in to the set list at O2. Any thoughts?

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I mean, I love all of them, but I went with HTWWW...although the DVD is close second. I gatecrashed my son's viewing of it yesterday. He is getting into Zep more and more which I'm delighted about. He's now got a fantastic shot of Robert and Jimmy as his desktop background. He's learning fast ;):D

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I've noticed a problem with this poll/thread. The title reads..."Best Led Zeppelin Live Album". To me, that means album/CD...not DVD. As much as I love the DVD set, it shouldn't be on the list. Someone needs to get their shit together. B)

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It is a tough choice, I mean how the west was won is classic, But iv always loved the BBC work they are dont alot of songs get exteneded on thoses albums and i loved the medly's the imcorperated.

Lol that 25 min Dazed and confused on HTWWW is an awsome listen to though i dunno i went with BBC

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DVD is just that: a DVD, and hence not comparable with audio only releases. TSRTS I have loved for decades like every other fan my age, and there are great moments on there, especially TSRTS and No Quarter - and Moby Dick is great on there. I couldn't get a lot of bootlegs back in the day in this country, but one thing I did get back in 1986 was the 1971 Paris Theatre BBC gig. The official release of the BBC sessions when that came was not as exciting as it should have been, because two of the very best things from the Paris Theatre had been edited out, e.g. a huge chunk from the Whole Lotta Love medley, and an absolutely incredible version of What Is and What Should Never Be. I voted for HTWWW - I guess it just sounds more fresh to these ears than TSRTS possibly can by now. :lol:

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For anyone who can't decided between How The West Was Won and The Song Remains The Same, please do the following:

Listen to Over The Hills And Far Away from both albums. Please note that while the version on TSRTS is good, the version from HTWWW punches you in the face so hard, it damn near breaks your nose.


TSRTS version: :)

HTWWW version: :slapface:

My two cents, anyway. :D

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