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I saw almost exactly this today, except it wasn't a "composite". For months there's been a great blue heron at the pond by the bike path on the way to work. Today I stopped to see if there was anything happening on the pond when I noticed a really big white bird on the other side. I took it four a swan at first. I realized I had ridden right by it earlier, so I tried to go back and get a better look. That's when I noticed the blue heron on the bank a few meters away. That's when I realized the white bird was the same kind of bird as the blue (gray) one. Then white bird few away from me, and toward the gray one. The gray one decided to keep his distance, so he (she?) flew across the pond to where the geese had just landed. Those are the same gees that were just hatchlings when I first saw them. I had never seen a white heron (egret) before.

These really are awesome birds. You should see them fishing at Great Falls.


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Taken from our backyard telescope again. Better pic than last time. Jupiter is quite bright in the summer sky now and will be at it's closest on Sept 21.


What an amazing photo. I love astronomy. My mum has a telescope, and I vividly remember when Halley's Comet was visible on earth in 1986 all my friends coming round to my house to view it. Please keep posting the photos from your telescope.

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The Mackinac Bridge last week. If you think that's foreboding, it ain't much better once you get a couple miles out. I've actually been over when the weather was worse, but I'm not saying I liked it.

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