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LOL, that's cool!! :D I need to get out and walk today since it is going to be so beautiful outside, I won't feel so bad eating so much, LOL.

I just took a fast 2 mile walk and it was HOT!! My poor son has to play soccer in the heat; the girls and I will be in the AC for a dance event later this afternoon.

We'll have dinner out after dance; I'll let them pick where. Maybe we'll drop by for some pudding afterwards ;)

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Spaghetti & white clam sauce, anti-pasto (Mmmmm! ) with anchovies, pimentos (sp?) and Italian bread & butter. :beer: Went out with the family to our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant--Sam's (pig'd out) Oop, & 2 goblets of red wine :yesnod:

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Last night our office was invited to a customer appreciation-type deal by the local county magazine publication, since we advertise regularly.

It was called Columbia County Champagne Jam and they had free champagne and other wine/beer, plus food from local restaurants.

So I had a free meal of buffalo shrimp, marinated shrimp, BBQ ribs, buffalo wings, and these awesome cheesy potatoes.

The desserts were equally incredible - a strawberry cream cake and a banana-chocolate chip cake that were both about 8-10" tall.

The chocolate-caramel turtle cheesecake was pretty good too.

I managed to hammer down about 6 flutes of champagne then switched to plain ol' Budweiser for my last 2 drinks.

I think the excess of food soaked up a lot of the alcohol, because I awoke without even a whiff of a headache or any other signs of drinking.

Free champagne/beer + free food = 1 happy TypeO.

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Golden Grahams cereal and an English muffin. Do they call them English muffins in England? Probably not. They're like crumpets, only not sweet. Sooo tasty.

Yes, we do call them muffins, they're shaped like crumpets, but more like bread. You have them toasted. I like to have them with melted cheese on top, very fattening but yummy! :D

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