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Greatest Epic.

Greatest Epic  

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  1. 1. Greatest Epic

    • Stairway to Heaven
    • No Quarter
    • In The Light
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • Carouselambra
    • Kashmir

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When I say epic I mean on the long side and having an ethereal edge and majesty to it. Something more than blues rock. These are of my opinion, but if you feel something major is missing go ahead and say so.

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I put the poll options in and everything.. what the heck?

:) ....Achilles Last Stand for me !!, with its thundering bass line, page's best guitar solo, it just sings, Bonhams precise drumming !!

The opening arpegiated chord of Em9 and F#/d ish chord is a fave of mine !!

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I say Kashmir, it can be recognised as an 'epic'.

I think Dazed & Confused is an epic too, possibly When The Levee Breaks as well.

Dazed and Confused and Levee are epic in their own ways but they were a bit too defined and didn't seem as out of this world as the others did.

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For the studio versions, I would say Kashmir, so I voted for it, but live I would say No Quarter, I also say you should've added Dazed And Confused to the list just because of the live performances, can't get much more epic than that.

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