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  2. "Vanishing Point" gets my seal of approval...it also features a pre-"Blazing Saddles" Cleavon Little as the blind radio DJ. But it doesn't take place in L.A., so that is why I did not include the film in my list of recommendations. But it is a great car-movie from the golden age of car-movies (1966-1976). Nothing like the sound of Detroit muscle at full throttle. Or even a vintage Porsche or Ferrari. These modern Fast & Furious movies with the rice-burners just don't sound as good. Also, watching cgi trickery isn't as fun as watching real driving and real stunts with real cars. Along with "Vanishing Point", other cool car-movies I heartily recommend are "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry", "Two Lane Blacktop", "Grand Prix", "LeMans", "Gone in 60 Seconds" (the 1974 original...NOT THE REMAKE), "The Gumball Rally", "Death Race 2000", "Smokey & the Bandit", "American Graffiti"...and of course the movie that opened the car-chase floodgates, "Bullitt".
  3. I talked to a guy at the Arclight and he said "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" will be in the Dome for at least a couple weeks, maybe three. So it will still be there in August. They don't want a rerun of the fiasco with "Hateful 8". Make sure you hit the Lone Pine Film History Museum. Lots of cool stuff there...tons of westerns and "Tremors" and, yes, "Django Unchained", were filmed in the Alabama Hills environs. Yes, I remember the Real Don Steele Show and watched it on occasion. Read this book... https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/scott-eyman/the-speed-of-sound/
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  5. Well you are kinda right about that, however you better pull that loot out of your 401k before fall otherwise you very well may see most of that money go up in smoke when that major market adjustment hits. I just pulled mine last week (Roth 401k) so I only had to pay tax on the gains plus the 10% hit taking it early. I then re-invested it into a rental property which regardless of appreciation or depreciation has no affect on the rental income, in fact, should the housing market collapse rent amounts would go up, not down. Plus, when I retire the home will be paid off. Of course I can swing this because I was born lucky. Lucky insofar as I was born at the 5 yard line (white, middle class, stable family no divorce or death). I had no challenges to overcome except getting my ass outta bed at 6am for class. I could drive a nice car without fear of being puled over. If I got busted with a dime bag I would get a warning, a boot in the ass and sent on my way, not five years in the pen and a felony conviction on my record. And no, the majority of the working class do not participate in 401k plans because they cannot afford to set even a few bucks aside to deposit into a 401k. Explain how the majority of working class Americans, living on credit cards and barely getting by can also contribute to a 401k. Currently only 32% of ALL Americans are contributing to a 401k: https://www.fool.com/retirement/2017/06/19/does-the-average-american-have-a-401k.aspx Also, it is a myth 401k's are not taxed, they are indeed taxed and taxed quite a bit. If you go for a Roth the tax is taken out immediately whereas a traditional 401k is taxed significantly when you take it out. See, they get you coming and going. However those rich bastards use a method the average Joe or Jane cannot, they take a salary of $1 per year and take stock options instead thereby limiting their tax liability to 15%. Gee, that must be nice. And don't forget, it was Reagan & a bi-partisan congress who caused all the problems with Social Security (the most successful government program of all time prior to 1983). This was Reagan's famous Social Security Act of 1983, the greatest theft in American history: https://www.fedsmith.com/2013/10/11/ronald-reagan-and-the-great-social-security-heist/ Oh well, at least there will still be cat food, or if not, just eat a cat.
  6. Funny how when Obama reduced unemployment all the right could say was , "but those are shitty, underpaid, part-time jobs or people have simply stopped looking!!! REAL unemployment is at least 20%!!!!" But when the numbers are low under Trump its automatically legit? So, which is it? How exactly is Trump's unemployment numbers both a godsend & legit but Obama's was bullshit? I would really like to see you square that circle.
  7. Not sure I agree with your assessment as Neal Schon used an acoustic mounted on a stand to pick the acoustic arpeggio opening to Wheel in the Sky and then immediately switched to his Les Paul for the remainder of the song. He did this live and it was seamless. Jimmy could quite easily have used the Vox 12 string for TSRTS and had Raymond slowly come up from behind Jimmy as he played the closing chord, they could have switched guitars in plenty of time to begin RS with time to spare. Robert's vocal coda on TSRTS was at least a good 5 seconds after Jimmy rang out the final chord and before the RS would begin. I figure it was a combination of him (Jimmy) liking the tone of the second, un-played neck vibrating in sympathy with the played 6-string neck which he could not get on just the six string alone. Plus, as you mentioned it was easier to just stick with the double neck for both songs. Then there is the visual affect of the double neck, so visibly stunning many rock guitarists would use one live just because it was so damn cool looking. In the end who knows. Someone needs to ask Mr. Page damnit!
  8. Just saw this after my post above. 👍🏼 Agreed.
  9. Yeah, but it doesn't make sense he'd be singing like that at a soundcheck when his voice was completely fucked on that date. I would bet it's from Atlanta early in the tour but its never been confirmed.
  10. Jimmy Fox remembers opening for Led Zeppelin on day of moon landing https://ultimateclassicrock.com/james-gang-led-zeppelin-moon-landing/
  11. You are not wrong that John Means is a good pitcher. And I don't think we're tanking. Why would we now? We got the 1st pick in the drat this year already. It's just gonna be a long, slow climb, but I think we'll be okay. Going into the international market should help a lot. I wasn't there, but Manny got a standing ovation when he came back. And really Rick, there's no loyalty on either side, in any sport. Can't blame the players. The business has changed. No use being angry about it. Just enjoy the game.
  12. Does this make you feel vindicated. I remember how during the 1980s my friends couldn’t understand why I liked dinosaur rock, or drug rock. I always tried to explain that Led Zeppelin was/ is one of the most talented guys to form a band. Zeppelin in my opinion is a band that should be honored and appreciated. Having never seen Led Zeppelin live but just some videos bootlegs I cannot attest to how good they were live but from what I’ve heard live they rocked harder than any bands I saw during my time in the early 80s and 1990s.
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  14. Embarrassing to say. I got my wife to help me download these files. Holy Mollified Milk! Led Zeppelin was on 🔥
  15. According to the Cabala boxset it is July 6th 1973.
  16. Anybody have a working link to the video?
  17. Could you send to me the link? Best regards obrigado
  18. JTM


    I don't hate any team, I just keep my fingers crossed that Liverpool do well. If they don't, they don't, no big deal, it's only a game.
  19. Its not Zabriske but another cool period one is Vanishing Point from '71. Soundtrack is ok, but it had me when Mississippi Queen came blaring out at me...I caught it late night on network TV probably when I was 17 and thought it was very cool. For whatever its worth Wiki says: Steven Spielberg named Vanishing Point as one of his favorite films.[24] Death Proof (2007), the Quentin Tarantino contribution to the faux-exploitation "double feature" Grindhouse (2007), features a chase involving a Dodge Challenger resembling the one seen in Vanishing Point (not being an R/T model and having an automatic transmission). Death Proof also references the film by name repeatedly calling it "one of the best American movies ever made". The car in the film also has the license plate OA 5599.[16] Edgar Wright named Vanishing Point one of his 1,000 favorite films, and used it as inspiration for his 2017 film Baby Driver Will have to check out again when the wife is not around...
  20. Not to mention record low unemployment.
  21. It's extremely unlikely he has any multi-tracks sitting in the vaults that we don't know about, especially from the last half of the '70s. The main reason I say that is there are pictures of most of the shows from that time period and if any of the gigs were multi-tracked, there would be extra microphones visible in the photos. Unfortunately, people have gone over them with a fine tooth comb and there just aren't any that I'm aware of, which seems to indicate that they didn't bother to record any of those shows, beyond grabbing the FOH soundboards for reference purposes.
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