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  2. Mixed forecast Chuck. As Crowded House sang "4 Seasons in one day". £220 a round should you wish to play the course !! Oh and £50 worth of balls.
  3. Nah, it was too different from their earlier stuff for me, the album after "Stormwatch" "A" I only ever heard once, that didn't grab me, the album after that one "Broadsword and the Beast" I do have, I really do not like that one at all, horrible drum sound. " Crest..." I only heard tracks that got radio play, again too different from earlier material, those synth sounds, not my cup of tea.
  4. Filing this under "if you repeat a lie long enough some people will believe it". Can't wait to see the caliber of doctors and physicians that a non-profit based health care system retains and attracts.
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  6. I started down the rabbit hole of structures on the moon a while back - like the UFO phenomena, it is digging around endless bullshit for a few scraps of "well that is genuinely interesting".... And there are one or two interesting anomalies, some supported by some very respected astronauts and mission staff.
  7. This is the single biggest hurdle to reforming not just the health system, but any fundamental reforms. There are many other very significant hurdles, but the profit motive and specifically the capacity for those that stand to lose to lobby against real reform is forever going to hold the USA back from - and different to - the rest of the advanced world. And different for the most part in a corrosive way. Short of a very popular unifying centrist candidate sweeping into power with good majorities in both houses (which I can't see ever happening) - the only way out for the US is through a really horrible social upheaval - which you seem to be moving toward. The two "camps" seem happy to split and feed the bullshit "left vs. right" monster. I really think that unless you guys start moving back to the middle somewhat - just somewhat - the fractures will deepen to a point where an earthquake becomes inevitable. Capitalism unchecked (Money is the God) has it's upsides for technological and living standard advancements, but only for the top. Unfettered it is just as dangerous as any of the 'isms.
  8. Good Lord. 4 legs good.......2 legs bad. Bernie said Trump is taking us to WOOR-UH!
  9. No. Think twice until you say something.
  10. Pure malarkey. You've been watching too many Transformers movies...or that faux hoax doc "Apollo 18". Actually, there were reasons given...budgetary contraints and NASA had achieved most of their goals. After the last moon landing in 1972, NASA's focus moved on to the Skylab mission for 1973-74.
  11. Real time livestream of the entire Apollo 11 Mission. Meaning that whenever you click on the link you are seeing exactly what was happening 50 years ago at that moment. You can rewind back to catch what you have missed.
  12. Remember back when Freezer had his "12th Gen" version of the '75 Baton Rouge recording uploaded and they originally included a sample from the '71 tape ("Immigrant Song", if memory serves)- said torrent was pulled at Dime and the DEN they weren't happy with Freezer's lineage claims on the '71 source sample. Hell, Freezer told me in the summer of 2008 that he had intended to share out the '71 recording in addition to the '77 Baton Rouge tape but when the TCOLZ people heard the '77 tape might be coming out he thought twice on the '71. Those tapes indeed exist, gentlemen- buried in either the huge "Where do these new sources?" or "Freezer's Revenge" threads at the Den Freezer and a couple of his buddies actually discuss some of the Plantations heard on the '77 tape. I'd be willing to bet maybe only a dozen people -if that- have those recordings directly from Freezer, including the head moderator at the Trader's Den site. And after all these years those recordings are STILL under wraps to the masses... But consider that it took almost ten years or so since this Cleveland alternate source was first mentioned on AA's site for it to be shared out publicly.
  13. FWIW, I would not say Stryder1978's jab at AOC was any of the above, not racist, misogynistic, or other except for bad taste. Now regarding AOC and the "Squad." How exactly are they hard left much less puppets? Everything they propose is in affect in every other 1st world democracy except for the US. Also, all of those programs poll anywhere from the low 60 percentile to as high as 70 percentile in regard to Medicare for all. It seems to me the Squad represents the will of the people. Do you not believe in the will of the people? That our elected officials should represent OUR interests and not THEIR interests? None of these including the Green New Deal are considered even remotely hard left in any other nation on this planet, in fact they would be considered centrist in every other 1st world democracy. Hard left would be putting forth legislation to nationalize industry. How exactly is giving all Americans access to excellent, free healthcare hard left? It would actually be cheaper than the current system by around 2 trillion dollars. Sounds like a win-win to me. Anything is better than what we currently have, a system which bankrupts millions of American annually, a system which is not based on patient outcome but on profit, a system which has left many elderly people broke and living in squalor after saving all their life and doing "everything right."
  14. Thanks Strider. Yes, Parsons & Gang were an interesting group indeed. Just to think of the many interlinks between Parson's group and other famous, influential people is fascinating. Now for some real fun... I recently heard that the first words out of Armstrong's mouth were not the iconic, "One small step for man..." but rather when he first stepped out of the LM he said, "My god...there are several ships lined up on the far side of the crater, I believe they are watching us." Now I don't know if this is true or not but I do know Buzz Aldrin did admit, on camera, to some seriously strange shit on the moon and eluded to alien structures on several occasions. However I always thought Armstrong was tight lipped and never said anything unusual. What I do know is that NASA, on orders from congress, immediately killed the remainder of the lunar schedule and the lunar program after Apollo 18 even though at least four other missions were planned up to 1975 with full budgeting granted. No real reason (no reasonable explanation that is) was ever given just, gone.
  15. Hello all. Been playing 2 years. I’ve nailed tangerine. Except the Outro. If anyone has tab or anything, or can point me in the direction of a decent YouTube vid I would sure appreciate it. Cheers Neil
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  17. The Doors announce 'The Soft Parade' deluxe edition for the 50th https://ultimateclassicrock.com/the-doors-soft-parade-deluxe-edition/
  18. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/halestorms-lzzy-hale-joins-alice-cooper-on-stage-in-allentown-video/
  19. luvlz2


  20. Iggy Pop to release 'Free' album in September http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/iggy-pop-to-release-free-album-in-september/
  21. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/uriah-heep-keyboardist-phil-lanzon-to-release-48-seconds-solo-album/
  22. Lol...infinite monkeys, butterfly effects....one person’s painting of every number to infinity and the other’s remastering their oeuvre to infinity...sweet...whatever gives them purpose....who cares, you don’t have to spend money on it...but the fact that there’s a website dedicated to Jimmy’s life work and both of us are on it, pretty much tells you all you need to know...
  23. What were his thoughts on the Infinite Monkey Theorum? Jimmy's life's work was releasing ten original Led Zeppelin albums...then spending the rest of his life remastering them.
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