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What show or live song are you listening to now?


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Not just right now, but all weekend long whenever I had time, I was listening to the Shepperton Rehearsal of Dec. 5, 2007, via the Godfatherecords release "The Show of the Century Rehearsals", which I just picked up last week.

A multi-track tape(secretly released by Jimmy perhaps?) with stunning sound...NO QUARTER and SIBLY are incredible to listen to. The wide cineramic soundscape that Jimmy's guitar achieves here reminds one anew of the dangers of allowing only bootlegs to inform one's opinion of the state of Jimmy's guitar sound and playing on any particular tour.

Yes, bootlegs can offer a partial idea, but even the best Mike Millard tape doesn't give you anything close to how loud and enveloping Jimmy's guitar was in concert; how the sound of his guitar resonated within the concert hall and attacked or caressed you from all angles.

I was also struck by how CLOSE to the studio version's tone Jimmy sounded on IMTOD...enough to make me wish he had used that guitar for IMTOD instead of the Danelectro.

You do have to keep in mind this is a rehearsal, so Jimmy holds back or truncates some of the solos, and Robert definitely holds back, saving his voice for the actual gig. But they seemed to be pretty loose and having fun by this time, mere days before the show.

Some of the downtunings don't bother me as much as I would have thought, but I still don't like the choice of Ramble On as the second song. Something like Celebration Day would have been better. With the lower tuning, Ramble On sounds sluggish and muddy. Not a fan of Black Dog here, either...in fact, after the stunning start with Good Times Bad Times(you can REALLY HEAR Jason Bonham's backing vocals here!), the set doesn't pick up again for me until IMTOD.

And once again, is it me or is there something wrong with Jimmy's double-neck, particularly the 12-string part? From 1971 to 1975, the 12-string sounded bright with ringing bell-tones. Since 1977, however, it has sounded muddy, dirty. Did Jimmy change the wiring or is that guitar's tones susceptible to changing the older it gets?

The mess-ups in D & C and Kashmir aren't that bad, but there does seem to be a spark missing in Whole Lotta Love...it never takes off.

Listening to this rehearsal does whet the appetite for an actual release of the O2 show; either on DVD or CD. I have a boot dvd but it's just not the same as an official release would be.

The packaging of this Godfathdrecords release is great as usual...a trifold with great photos(I posted photos of it on the What's your latest purchase? thread in Other Music), but as usual, the one flaw are the liner notes by Paul deLuxe. This guy needs to be replaced(I'm offering my services!), for he writes the most inane gibberish. I don't know if it his fault, or maybe the translator's fault, but most of the time his writings are incomprehensible, with spelling and syntax horrors galore.

But the important thing is the music contained on these 2 discs. Oh, and unlike some of the other releases(Tarantura, Empress Valley), all the songs are complete and in impeccable sound quality. No mp4 or lossy formats here.

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Godfather release of the Feb 1975 concert in MSG , NY. The show before the one I attended. Good quality ...

Are you talking about the Feb. 12 show, entitled "That's Alright New York"? If so, you're right...the sound quality is ASTOUNDING! Way better than the Red Devil or Empress Valley releases of the same soundboard tape.

The same can be said of Godfatherecords release of the 1975 St. Louis tape...their "Rock Saint Louis Roll" sounds incredible compared to Empress Valley's "St. Louis Blues".

I'm no expert but the Godfather releases SOUND like they've been mixed in a professional recording studio. I mean, they almost sound better than "The Song Remains the Same" soundtrack.

Anybody else notice this?

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