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Brainstorming: what should be Jimmy Page's new album titled?


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  • 2 weeks later...

I really couldn't care if he releases a new one or not, hes done way more than enough imo

But.. maybe.. :unsure:...

"ZoSo<I>MoFo" ^^? :rolleyes::D

(everyone uses it nowadays :-)

ps: How cool are the Vinyl Mothership and Song releases :o

Pharkn' L! just awesome that stuff.

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Doubt we're ever going to see a new album unfortunately, it's almost halfway through the year and there's been no news of anything up and coming from Jimmy. I don't mind if he doesn't want to do anything, but I just wish he'd stop giving all of his fans false hope by saying things like "I plan to have it out at the end of the year' 'I'm eager to play live' etc. If he is so eager to play live why isn't he doing so?


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Try to imagine what his possible new album should be titled...

Let's see...

"Do What thou Wilt...unless you're in a Hurry"

"Rip Van Winkle was a Friend of Mine"

or maybe

"Father Time Forgot Me"

All kidding aside I think Jimmy's forth-coming Work will have only a "Symbol" with no name at all.

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