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What's in your Led Zeppelin collection?


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On CD:

Both box sets

BBC Sessions

How The West Was Won

The Song Remains The Same

The Roots Of Led Zeppelin

All Of Robert Plant's Albums

All Of Jimmy Page's Albums including a CD of session work

Zooma, The Thunderthief and Them Crooked Vultures by John Paul Jones


The Song Remains The Same

Led Zeppelin DVD

Sound Stage presents Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation

(Looking for the Page and Plant Unledded DVD)


All Led Zeppelin albums but Physical Graffiti (I'm looking for it)

The Rising Of The Zeppelin

Soundcheck July 5th 1975

Bonzo's Last Stand

John Paul Jones-Scream For Help

The Honeydrippers-Volume One and the 45s of Sea Of Love (B-Rockin' At Midnight) and Rockin' At Midnight (B-Young Boy Blues)

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On CD:

all albums - original releases

Led Zeppelin II Remastered

The Cube Box Set

How The West Was Won

The Song Remains The Same (both versions)

BBC Sessions

Robert Plant: Shaken and Stirred, Pictures at 11

Coverdale Page

The Making of Led Zeppelin II

<edit>Immagrant Song, Hey Hey What Can I do Single <edit>


The Song Remains The Same (Blu Ray)

Led Zeppelin DVD


The Song Remains The Same


IV (8-track)


Led Zeppelin II, III, IV, Physical Graffiti, Presence

Led Zeppelin II Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab


~170 downloaded cd bootlegs

~15 downloaded DVD bootlegs

I am currently hunting all albums on vinyl, 8-track, possibly reel to reel, as well as a new (used) LZII MFSL as mine is cracked

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Hmm, I have...

On vinyl:

Houses of the Holy (2 copies due to scratches from overplay on the original)

Led Zeppelin IV (same as above, 2 copies)

Physical Graffiti

Presence (never listened to much in the day)

In Through the Outdoor (rarely played)

Almost forgot, The Song Remains the Same.

On CD:

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

Led Zeppelin IV

and the 1990 4 CD Box Set along with the 1993 2 CD box set.

Uploaded the entire box set to my Apple phone.

On dvd:

Led Zeppelin DVD

Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same

A few other live performances too. :) ...missy

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I used to have all the original studio LP's but like a noob I sold off most of my records when the "digital age" dawned. I did keep Led IV though, original Atlantic. Having purchased a new turntable last summer I re-purchased the first four LP's from Classic Records, 200g versions. They cost me a small fortune but I thought it was worth it, the fidelity is pretty staggering.

I also have the 1990 Zeppelin Box set and the follow up Box set 2 released a year or so later............and that's it for Zeppelin.

Everything solo from Robert Plant, Outrider from Page and Walking Into Clarksdale and Unledded from Page/Plant.

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Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Albert Lee No Introduction Necessary

Yardbirds Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin IV

Houses of the Holy

Physical Graffiti

The Song Remains the Same (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


In Through the Out Door


Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song" b/w "Hey, Hey, What Can I Do" 45

Robert Plant Pictures At Eleven

Robert Plant The Principle of Moments

Robert Plant Shaken n' Stirred

Robert Plant Now and Zen

Robert Plant "Burning Down One Side" b/w "Moonlight In Samosa" & "Far Post" 12" Single

The Honeydrippers Volume One

Jimmy Page & Roy Harper Whatever Happened To Jugula?

Willie & the Poor Boys

The Firm

The Firm Mean Business

The Firm "Radioactive" (Remix) b/w "City Sirens" (Live) & "Live In Peace" (Live) 12" Single

Jimmy Page Outrider

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page Coverdale/Page


Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door

Robert Plant Fate of Nations

Compact Disc

Led Zeppelin Boxset Volume 1

Led Zeppelin Boxset Volume 2

Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions

Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won

Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Remaster

Robert Plant Manic Nirvana

Robert Plant Dreamland

Robert Plant Sixty Six To Timbuktu

Robert Plant Mighty Rearranger

Robert Plant Nine Lives boxset

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand

Robert Plant Band of Joy

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Unledded

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page Walking Into Clarksdale


Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant No Quarter: Unledded


A.R.M.S. Concert Volume One

​A.R.M.S. Concert Volume Two

As for rarites and bootlegs, I really don't have much there. Somewhere I have a copy of one of the BBC shows on cassette that I taped off of the radio back in the 80s. I may also have a Plant concert or two from Westwood One on CD, I'm not really sure. I think the only boot I have is a copy of Zeppelin's show at Dorton Arena in Raleigh from 1970. If I remember correctly, there seemed to be some confusion about this particular boot in regards to it actually being from the Raleigh concert or from Charlotte on the same tour. I also used to have a couple of boots on cassette: Blueberry Hill and Live Over Europe but they've either been lost in the shuffle or got recorded over.

I'm not sure how rare it is but I do have a collection called On the Radio: Rarities On Compact Disc Volume #7 that was issued to radio stations around the time of the first boxset. Here's the artwork and tracklisting:


1. The Yardbirds - I'm Confused

2. The Yardbirds - Train Kept A Rollin'

3. Jimmy Page - She Just Satisfies

4. Jimmy Page - Keep Movin'

5. Robert Plant - You Better Run

6. Robert Plant - Everybody's Gonna Say

7. Robert Plant - Our Song

8. Robert Plant - Long Time Coming

9. Robert Plant - I've Got A Secret

10. The Yardbirds - Goodnight Sweet Josephine

11. The Yardbirds - Think About It

12. Led Zeppelin - Hey Hey What Can I Do

13. The Yardbirds - Psychodasies

14. The Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Times Ago

15. The Yardbirds - Stroll On

16. Jimmy Page On Guitar - My Baby Left Me

17. Jimmy Page On Guitar - A Certain Girl

18. Jimmy Page On Guitar - Leave My Kitten Alone

19. Jimmy Page On Guitar - Surprise, Surprise

20. Jimmy Page On Guitar - How Do You Feel

21. Led Zeppelin with PJ Proby - Jim's Blues

22. Led Zeppelin - Travelin' Riverside Blues

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Led Zeppelin


·1970 - Led Zeppelin III

·1971 - The Fourth Album

[·1975 - Physical Graffiti >> I can't remember if we have this one or not...]

·1976 - Presence

Official CDs:

·1993 - "Baby, Come on Home" CD Single

·1993 - Boxed Set 2

·1997 - "Whole Lotta' Love" CD Single

·1997 - BBC Sessions

·2003 - Interview Disc

·2003 - How the West Was Won

·2007 - Mothership (2-CD/1-DVD)

·2008 - Japanese 40th Anniversary "Definitive Collection" Mini-LP box-set (Led Zeppelin-through-Coda)

Unofficial CDs:

·2005 - EVSD-325 - The Lost Sessions: Volume 6

·2007 (?2008) - EVSD-503/504/505; EVSDVD-A 007/1-2 - The Maximum Destroyer

·2008 - EVSD-508 - Lifetime Guarantee Revisited

·2008 - EVSD-510 - Paris Par Excellence

Countless other bootlegs and "ROIOs" in the digital world...


·1976 - The Song Remains the Same (2007 re-release)

·2003 - Led Zeppelin DVD




·1967 - Little Games (2003 remaster) [The Yardbirds]

·1985 - Whatever Happened to Jugula? (1999 remaster) [Roy Harper/Jimmy Page]

·1988 - Outrider [Jimmy Page]

·1993 - Coverdale/Page [David Coverdale/Jimmy Page]

·1994 - No Quarter (2004 remaster) [Jimmy Page/Robert Plant]

·1997 - BBC Sessions (2000 Repertoire version) [The Yardbirds]

·2000 - Live at the Greek [Jimmy Page/The Black Crowes]

·2003 - Sixty Six to Timbuktu [Robert Plant/John Bonham]


·2004 - No Quarter: UnLedded

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Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin III

Led Zeppelin IV

Houses of the Holy

Physical Graffiti

Digital (but burned on CD):

My favorite songs from Presence and ITTOD

Texas Pop Festival

Chasing the Dragon

Live at the Whisky A Go-Go

Favorite songs from Robert Plant's Now and Zen

Favorite songs from Robert Plant's Principle of Moments


Led Zeppelin


I guess my collection would be considered small and feeble. :unsure::blush:

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Hey everyone. New to the board but been lurking for ever.

Saw ‘em in NY June 10th, 1977 @ the age of 13. All I remember was the level of volume and the hysteria. I also remember asking my sister, “Who are these guys and what’s that smell?!!”

All official recordings on vinyl as well as the not so official stuff. TONS of vinyl and CD boots.

Anyway, thought I’d share some pics of my Zeppelin memorabilia. I collect concert related stuff from 1968 (yeah, good luck, right????) to about 1972. I like Cover shots of the group and then Page mostly. Will consider Plant last over Jones and Bonzo. Sorry girls! LOL I have yet to go after the early posters as the overwhelming majority are fake or reproductions, so…

I like the oddball stuff that’s a little left of center.

Pelo Magazine-- ?/?/1971 from Argentina


The Record Song Book-- Jan 4,1971 From the UK. Was a little mag that featured words to the latest 25 hit songs at the time in the UK.


Helix-- July 19, 1969. This was an underground counter culture newspaper from the Seattle area. Front cover


Check out the back cover! Full ad for the Seattle Pop Festival! Look at close-up of the line-up.


Melody Maker—March 13, 1971 Cover shot of Jimmy bowing to D&C during their Belfast concert, Ireland. First performance of Stairway! They went there when others wouldn’t dare due to all the violence at the time.


Centerfold article and enlarged opening paragraphs.


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Part II

Check this one out! An Italian magazine called, Domenica del Corriere—July 20, 1971. The only time they go to Italy and all hell breaks loose. Article about the doomed show in Milan July 3, 1971. I’ve enlarged some of the accompanying photos. Look at the pics of the four. Tell me they don’t look pissed that the policia sent tear gas into the crowd.



Bath ’70 ad from June 20th issue of Melody Maker WEEK BEFORE THE SHOW!


Disc—November 17, 1971 (for the ladies)


Melody Maker—November 18, 1972 I bought this one cheap just to read the article!


Had NO IDEA that this centerfold ad for the upcoming UK/Europe ‘72/’73 Tour was inside! BONUS!


This is a little oddity from an old radio station in Philly, WFIL. It was like their little own top 30 weekly countdown. Check out Number1! Week of November 13, 1972.



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3 Crop Circle box sets (and 2 CD companion boxsets)

3 10CD CSR box sets

4 Mini LP Japan sets + 2 promo 4 track CDs to complete those

BBC Sessions Japan

2 HTWWW DVD Audios

2 DVD box sets

3 TSRTS Collectors Edition sets

2 TSRTS BluRays (1st & 2nd pressing)

Tons of solo CDs and DVDs

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My Led Zeppelin collection consists of ;

On vinyl;

Led Zeppelin 1

Led Zeppelin 2

Led Zeppelin 3

Led Zeppelin 4 symbols

Houses of the holy

Physical graffiti

The song remains the same



In through the out door

Live on blueberry hill

Remasters triple vinyl

Remasters boxed collection six albums

Led Zeppelin on cassette;

Led Zeppelin 3



For cardholders only

Listen to this Eddie 1

Listen to this Eddie 2

Listen to this Eddie 3

Live in Essen Germany

Earls Court 1

Earls Court 2

Earls Court 3

Live from Tokyo

Going to California

Going to California again

Led Zeppelin on C.D.

BBC sessions

Remasters boxed set 2

How the west was won

Four symbols


Robert Plant on vinyl

Pictures at eleven

Principle of moments

Shaken "n" stirred

Now and zen

Manic nirvana

Fate of nations

12" single Burning down one side

Jimmy Page on C.D.


Robert Plant on C.D.

66 to Timbukto

Bing it on home (tracks chosen by Robrt Plant) including Roy Harper/Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Plant and Page on C.D.


Walking into Clarksville

Honeydrippers volume 1

I also have a couplke of Pant/Page singles 7" 45 RPM

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Oddly enough I started to collect Zep very ´late´, having spent years of trying to complete my then enormous collection of KISS vinyls and memorabilia. I was for many years content with the music but somewhere around 2005 I decided to ´track´ down all the UK originals on the vinyl format with all odd variations. misprints and such. I decided to go for the absolute pristine copies that were for sale, never to be content with an excellent copy, all records, labels and sleeves had to be as close to mint as possible. This is for all you collectors out there a hell of a task but after a few years - and shitloads of cash - I had my top copies and they still amaze me everytime I bring them out.

Through this experience I came across some very friendly and serious Zep fanatics, a lot of knowledge later I believe myself to be quite an expert on all the variations, pressings and oddities that comes with collecting UK Zep vinyls on the so called Red/Plum Polydor label. For some of the copies I have payed ridiculous sums but then again VERY, VERY few untouched, unplayed copies are out there so paying 2000.00 GBP for a UK pressed LZ II with the original lighter brown shade of gatefold sleeve with the Livin´Lovin´Wreck missprint on labels is in my opinion a future investment. There are not many of us that are willing to spend that kind of money, most are satisfied with lesser quality copies and I do respect that. Money can´t buy everything and finding these pristine gems is such a joy, this constant search and battling against time, other collectors and your wallet.

In my collection I have all the UK originals (incl ALL variations and missprints) in absolute top notch nick. These are locked up in and stored in climate controlled enviroment. I also own several test pressings including the LZ I with Atlantic Recording white labels and typed titles. When it comes to US releases I still have a few variations to collect but I do have top notch copies of the 1st brown/pink Atco release as well as the LZ II with Robert Ludwig Hot master mix. I have all the 1st pressings sealed without cut outs as well as some odd US singles. I also have the infamous 7" UK promo ´Whole Lotta...´as well as a few more withdrawn UK singles and testpressings. Being as Swede I have the three first 7" singles in perfect condition. I picked up the TSRTS white vinyl box set last year for a bargain as well as the BBC Sessions box set both on testpress and stock. I have even managed to obtain several John Bonham drum sticks during the years as well as original concert posters from Sweden and the UK. I do have a lot up for trade so if you have anything pristine - and I do mean top notch - I am willing to trade or sell top quality zep stuff.

I have uploaded from my personal collection a picture of two different genuine JB sticks, the first one was used at the 1977 show at The Myriad, Ohio (bottom) and the other one is believed to date from the 1979/1980 tours (top).

Any questions regarding Red/Plum releases will be answered as well. Cheers/Mike Stockholm, Sweden



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Official Releases:

Box Set: The Complete Studio Recordings

Box Set: Definitive Collection

The Song Remains The Same Soundtrack (Original and Reissue)

BBC Sessions

How The West Was Won

The Song Remains The Same Movie DVD (Original, Reissue and Blu Ray)

Led Zeppelin DVD


Godfather Records Label (All Zeppelin Releases)

Boogie Mama Label (All Zeppelin Releases)

Wendy Label (1st and 2nd Japanese Tours)

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What I have is the following ... I sold my entire vinyl collection 14 years ago, as I decided it would be impractical for me to use and keep both formats, and in fact I have only recently started to purchase the original LZ albums again on vinyl, mainly because I have missed the artwork so much.


Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin III

fourth album

Houses of the Holy

Physical Graffiti


The Song Remains the Same

The Song Remains the Same - Remaster

In Through the Out Door


Box Set 1

Box Set 2

BBC Sessions

How The West Was Won

Mothership Deluxe Edition


Led Zeppelin III



The Song Remains the Same (VHS)

The Song Remains the Same (older edition)

The Song Remains the Same - Collector's Edition


Led Zeppelin. The Making of a Supergroup

Led Zeppelin. Live at Earls Court

Copenhagen and More, 1969

The First Night. August 4th, 1979

Kingdom Come

Led Zeppelin. History

Led Zeppelin: Way Down Inside. Interviews

Led Zeppelin. The Origin of the Species

Led Zeppelin Reflections

Live London 2007


Howard Mylett: Led Zeppelin

Howard Mylett: Jimmy Page. Tangents Within a Framework

Howard Mylett: Led Zeppelin. From the Archives

Howard Mylett: Led Zeppelin. On Stage Action

Howard Mylett: On Tour With Led Zeppelin

Howard Mylett/Richard Bunton: Led Zeppelin. In the Light

Paul Kendall (ed): Led Zeppelin in Their Own Words

Dave Lewis/Paul Kendall (eds): Led Zeppelin Talking

Susan Fast: In the Houses of the Holy

Shannon McBay/Karol Rhys-Gruffydd: Follow the Legend: Led Zeppelin

Stephen Davis: The Hammer of the Gods

Stephen Davis: LZ '75. The Lost Chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American Tour

Richard Cole: Stairway to Heaven

Ralph Hulett/Jerry Prochnicky: Whole Lotta Led

Ralph Hulett/Jerry Prochnicky: Good Times, Bad Times

Paul Kendall: Led Zeppelin: A Visual Documentary

Mick Bonham: John Bonham

Chris Welch: John Bonham. A Thunder of Drums

Chris Welch: Led Zeppelin

Chris Welch: Peter Grant. The Man Who Led Zeppelin

Chris Welch: Dazed and Confused. Led Zeppelin - The Stories Behind Every Song

Mick Wall: When Giants Walked the Earth. A Biography of Led Zeppelin

Andy Fyfe: When The Levee Breaks. The Making of Led Zeppelin IV

Robert Godwin: Led Zeppelin: The Press Reports (4th ed.)

Robert Godwin: The Illustrated Led Zeppelin Collection

Robert Godwin: The Making of Led Zeppelin's [four symbols]

Ritchie Yorke: Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography

Scott Calef (ed): Led Zeppelin and Philosophy

Alan Clayson: Led Zeppelin: The Origin of the Species

Nigel Williamson: The Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin

Göbölyös N. László: Zoso

Samuel Ketenjian/Mark McFall: Led Zeppelin. The Singles.Worldwide Guide to Led Zeppelin 45's

Luis Rey: Led Zeppelin Live. An Illustrated Exploration of Underground Tapes

Dave Lewis/Simon Pallett: Led Zeppelin. The Concert File

Erik Davis: [four symbols]

Dave Lewis: Led Zeppelin: A Celebration

Dave Lewis: Led Zeppelin: The Complete Guide to Their Music

Dave Lewis: Led Zeppelin. Celebration II: The 'Tight But Loose' Files

Dave Lewis: Led Zeppelin: The Final Acclaim

Barney Hoskyns: Led Zeppelin IV

Michael Gross: Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin's Golden Boy

George Case: Jimmy Page. Magus, Musician, Man

David Williams: The First Time We Met the Blues

Jason Draper: Led Zeppelin Revealed

Keith Shadwick: Led Zeppelin: The Story of a Band and Their Music, 1968-1980

Jon Bream: Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

Neville Marten/Jeffrey Hudson: Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin

Charles Cross/Erik Flannigan: Led Zeppelin. Heaven and Hell

Neal Preston: Led Zeppelin Portraits

Neal Preston: Led Zeppelin

Neal Preston: Led Zeppelin A Photographic Collection

Eddie McSquare: Led zeppelin: Good Times, Bad Times

Naomi Toshi/Koh Sakai (eds): Led Zeppelin. HM Photo Book


The magazines are too numerous to list here, but somewhere in the region of 150.

Also have the original Earls Court Program and Jimmy Page's Outrider Tour Program


Led Zeppelin: Through the Years (5CD box set)

Led Zeppelin: Another Trip (a 5CD box set)

Led Zeppelin BBC (a 2CD Antrabata Release of the complete Paris Theatre gig in Stereo)

Apart from these exceptions I generally adhere to the rule of not purchasing bootlegs, but download them in full quality (.flac). The shows I have in that format are too numerous to list here, but close to 110 shows; in some cases I have different versions of the same ones.


Pictures at Eleven

The Principle of Moments

Shaken 'n' Stirred

Now and Zen

Manic Nirvana


Fate of Nations

Mighty Rearranger (w. The Strange Sensation)

Raising Sand (w. Alison Krauss)

Band of Joy


The Honeydrippers vol. 1


Hip Young Guitarslinger (a 2CD collection of sessionwork)

Death Wish II


Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes: Live at the Greek

Jugula (w. Roy Harper)

The Firm: The Firm

The Firm: Mean Business



No Quarter (Fontana 1994 release)

No Quarter (Atlantic 2004 release)

Walking Into Clarksdale




Also have four different compilations of various music that influenced Led Zeppelin, Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends, and various other related music. Also have various solo bootlegs, mainly from the Outrider Tour (about 10 shows), and Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation: Soundstage on DVD, Eric Clapton & Friends: The ARMS Benefit Concert on DVD, and Page/Plant Unledded on DVD.

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I'm pretty proud of my Zep collection. Been colllecting for about 30 yrs. and have about $24,000 invested. I collect everything from Zep incense to Jimmy's Genesis book.

I have quite a few bootleg cds, around 200 i believe, mostly on the Empress Valley, Tarantura, or Wendy labels and just about everything released officially.

Some of my more prized items are: a fully autographed Song Remains the Same, an original Oakland '77 tour poster, a genuine platinum record award for Led Zep 1, the Object, and my inflatable promo zeppelin.

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Finally, someone with the inflatable zeppelin!

I used to have every official vinyl release - I through Coda - but I sold them. Nothing special, all early to mid-'80s pressings, except for a copy of the Mobile Fidelity version of II, which I got a pretty penny for but still can't friggin' believe I sold. I kept Physical Graffiti though, because of the artwork.

I've got (or have had) the usual CD stuff too - all the pre-remastered albums, plus the Box Set, plus BBC Sessions and HWWW.

The somewhat special items I have are the DVD-Audio version of HWWW; and two copies of the 2001 promo 3CD Warner Chappell set with the unique, Dave Collins mastering. Best-sounding Zep studio material on CD, period.

As for downloaded live boots, I'm quite sure I have NO idea what anyone is talking about. ^_^

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