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iTunes Festival - Jimmy Page saluted by Muse


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The band Muse closed the 2012 iTunes Festival in London.

After performing "Supremacy" off the new Album singer Matt Bellamy said:

"Hey, good evening Roundhouse! How're you guys doing? ... That last song was uh, a little bit influenced by a certain Jimmy Page, who I believe is in the building. It's a great honour Sir."



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Muse, iTunes Festival, Roundhouse - review

A 'pummeling performance' from Muse rounds off the month-long iTunes Festival

By Andre Paine

01 October 2012

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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has sold 15 million records, won a Grammy for best rock album, and is marrying Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

But he still couldn’t resist a bit of name-dropping at this iTunes Festival finale. “That last song was a little bit influenced by a certain Jimmy Page —who I believe is in the building,” he said after opening song Supremacy, which combined the Led Zeppelin guitarist’s signature hard rock with operatic flourishes and a touch of spaghetti western soundtrack.

It was one of many bombastic tunes, though Muse were performing minus their usual Brobdingnagian stage effects for this intimate show to launch new album The 2nd Law. Bellamy wore a migraine-inducing sparkly suit and brandished a guitar, but he was an intense, disciplined performer rather than an obvious showman.

Standing on the side of the stage, he didn’t possess an entirely commanding presence. However, the combined effort of the three band members produced a pummelling performance that was dramatic enough without the special effects.

New tunes got a warm reception: the funk-driven Panic Station featuring Chris Wolstenholme’s sinuous slap bass; Follow Me, with its flirtation with dubstep; and Madness, which featured Bellamy’s tender vocal and squiggly guitar solo and managed to sound like Prince, Queen and U2 in the same song.

There were understated interludes on Save Me, with Wolstenholme on vocals, and the banker-bashing Animals. In the main, though, it was big, sprawling and a bit silly, especially the prog-rock of Uprising, apocalyptic anthem Supermassive Black Hole, and the rampaging rock opera of Olympics song Survival. Even with this stripped-back production, Muse proved once again that nothing succeeds like excess.

Oct 26-27, O2 Arena


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What is a Muse? Look like a couple of hollywood actors.

That might have been amusing in 2000 but now you just look silly asking that. FYI, Muse have existed as a band longer than Led Zeppelin did.

Before someone misinterprets that, I am NOT saying Muse is better than Led Zeppelin.

But they've been around and have headlined before massive crowds at Coachella and other Festivals. They have a body of work that is pretty good in spots.

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