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How often do you listen to Led Zeppelin?

How often do you listen to Led Zeppelin?  

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  1. 1. Tell Us?

    • Once a week
    • A couple times a week
    • Once a day
    • Several times a day
    • Dude, it's all I fucking listen to!
  2. 2. What's your age?

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That's awesome ED68! Yeah, I gotta say, it's pretty hard to go the day without hearing one Zeppelin song. I'm always in the mood for some Zeppelin.

Almost all the time. 75% of the time, It's either blasting in my headphones or playing in the background when I'm doing something.

Right on!

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I used to listen to them all the time. And only to Zeps. Like for few years. But then I started to listen to other bands too and even ALMOST stopped listening to Zeps for a while cos I had them so overlistened and knew every little anything by heart anyway. They never dropped from my #1 on my list of best bands ever tho!!! For last few years, I am listening to them like couple of times a week, so I picked that option. Recently, its everyday, but in a long run, I miss some days ofc:).

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Nothing like blasting Led Zeppelin to kick start a Saturday morning :accordian:

I am painting my daughters bedroom and have the Led Zeppelin studio album boxset playing in the CD player cranked up to keep me going... Edited by ZEPFAN17
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I have a very mild form of insomnia and I often wake up randomly in the middle of the night. When I do, I just lie in bed listening to Led Zeppelin for hours and hours on end until I have to get out of bed and drink a double shot flat white to stay awake.

The sad life of a student.

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This may sound a little weird but Four Sticks is awesome to listen to while power walking! And yes I do have a Led Zeppelin power walking listing.

That doesn't sound weird at all. I have songs for almost every occasion I can think of. There is always a Zeppelin song that best fits something I am doing or feeling. That's why I end up listening to them so much.

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