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Led Zeppelin = Best Band Ever


Best Band Ever  

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  1. 1. Is Led Zeppelin the greatest band of all time?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Time will tell
    • It's not possible to say because there are too many bands to compare. (ie bands CAN be compared, but the sheer number of bands prevents us from doing so)
    • It's not possible to say because you can't compare bands based on "greatness" in an objective manner.
    • It's not possible to say because different bands came up in different eras with different contexts and followings.
    • It's not possible because there are so many bands that were better that never "made it".
    • Impossible to tell because of some other reason I'll list below.

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While The Beatles had a profound effect on music they were predominantly a pop band.

With the exception of a few songs like While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Revolution Birthday and

Helter Skelter to name a few, were excellent rock songs.

Led Zeppelin were musicians who composed symphonic pieces throughout their career.

In my opinion they are Classical Rock personified.

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones played on and / or arranged most of the music coming out of Britain

up until Led Zeppelin formed in 1968.

Diverse complex and simple at the same time they were at the forefront of the British Invasion.

So in that respect they are the greatest band ever, influenced as many bands as The Beatles and totally original.

The argument about borrowing from the Blues is a moot point as they all did it.

After all imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Just ask any of the bands from the 80's, 90's and even today

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Maybe best band of its time and genra. I mean they are INCREDIBLE, but there is also best metal band, best sycadellic band, etc.

Yes, it seems that Zeppelin touches every genra very well, but i'd have to say there is too many bands and too much talent out there.

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I do believe they are the Greatest of All-Time. I think the relevancwe of their music speaks for itself. I love everything about the music and what they did as musicians. I think there will never be a band like them again. I wouldn't state it as FACT that they are the "Greatest" because there isn't a set criteria for deciding that, and there probably never will be.

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Well i have listened to a lot of bands in right at 50 years of life.There is no other band out there that i can honestly say that i like every song they ever recorded some more than others but i never fast forward or change tracks ever on Led Zeppelin so to me they are the best

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You can't say "Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever!". You can say "Led Zeppelin is the greatest band ever for me!". It's about tastes. There are lots of awesome bands and lots of awesome songs that you haven't even listened to them yet. So you can't compare something you know with something you don't know. And I don't believe that there is someone who had listened to all the songs ever made.

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I voted yes because I feel that they proved that they are the best ever. I'm not just saying this because I'm a diehard fan of Zeppelin. I hate Elivs, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and others but I will give

props to these people who have achieved greatness in the music industry. I feel Zeppelin did not stick around too long like The Stones, The Who and many others because time would have played against Zeppelin.

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I said Zep is the best ever, someone else says Allman brothers:

Allman brothers have a great body of songs, and some could considered "epic".

Allman brothers have always had top notch musicians, all around

Allman brothers have survived more than one tragic death of their key members

Allman brothers had the guts to push out one of the most famous musicians, to maintain their level

Allman brothers never known to be sloppy or give "off" live shows

Allman brothers very improvisational, without loosing the song feeling

Allman brothers never known to sell out, to the latest trends

Allman brothers always known for putting their fans first

Allman brothers still selling out venues, even with multiple nights scheduled

Can I still say every one of these things will always apply to Zep?

Whoever said "no band can ever be declared the greatest" was correct, it seems...

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when comparing other bands with led zeppelin. with zeppelin it is not just the things they did . it's also the things they could have done. they could and did, slow down, speed up, scream , whisper, be mythical, be silly and on and on. where they a blues rock band? where they a proto heavy metal band? were they anti mainstream or pop? were they a guitar driven band? or a vocalist driven band?

or a bass and drums drive band? a synth driven band?

they were a smelting pot of everything. in raw material to work with they probably know no equal.

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Nope, Zeppelin is not the best. Allman Brothers are a lot more better with more feeling.

Duane was the band.

Without him they are nowhere close to being the greatest.

Anyway they only had a couple of good pieces imo.

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It's not possible to say nothing.

The very act of not saying anything is just omission of speech. If you could say nothing then it wouldn't be nothing at all.

Now that would be something.

...crazy talk coming to you from the Baltimore area btw...

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Yes they are my favorite band of all time. And i certaintly can say they are one of the greatest bands of all time. but being in love with the band as much as i am i cant say they are the best because that would be a biased opinion, even though in my opinion they're body of work is untouchable by any other band. In hundreds of years from now I do think Zeppelin, Beatles, and Floyd will be looked at as the most influential and "greatest of all time" and their are a couple bands i would put before beatles and floyd for my favorite but overall in the catagory of greatest thats how i think it will be looked back at.

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I'm gonna to say-YES but there are so many other awesome bands which changed world music forever however LZ was just unique..It'll be always one of the most dificult question and answer-to say,which band was just the best.

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