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Hot pics of Jimmy

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...AEN27, thank for posting the never seen photos before, what can I say, HOT HOT HOT!!!! ........ :wub:

and Mag, Love the New Scarf ... :wub: wondering if I should classify this next to His No. 1 Classic Vintage Blue Polka Dot Scarf...most loved accessory of James Patrick Page, loved by All Pagettes...!!!

...Oh, and his Guitar...no comment, there are other places for it ;) ;)

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WHERE DID YOU GET THIS PICTURE!!!!! my friend wants to know :) and if you have it and your other pics without the type....

Yeah. I love it too. :D It's being sold on ebay. It's very expensive as in over $ 100.00 . It's from SRTS premiere.

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Ok you fellow Jimmy lovers, I've heard some people have a picture of Jimmy and one of the GTOs (either miss cynderella or miss Pamela) but can't post it because it's inapropriate...I've sent messages to the person I know who has it, but they haven't been on in over a year....does anyone have this picture and is willing to share???? I've had alot of requests for it :P

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I think Jimmy's a handsome fella, but I don't quite fawn over him like some girls do. However, my eye has been attracted to photos of him during one of the Oakland 1977 concerts:


It looks like he's borrowing styles from the old Georgian but more so Regency Era! The "Jane Austen" era. That's the first thing I thought when I saw this.

These eras coincided with the two Georges: George III (whom we slandered very thoroughly in America during the Revolution!) and George IV. This was also the era when Beau Brummel was out influencing all the nobles/royals with his wacky style ideas, as seen here:

nx0x01.jpg Mr. Brummel hisself.

You remember from pics of George Washington and folks like that that they used to wear breeches, stockings, and high-heeled shoes that look like they're from some old lady's closet. Beau modified it. He actually ushered in the advent of today's suit and tie by using cravats quite a bit. He also lost the stockings, popularized buckskin breeches, and borrowed the Hessian and/or riding boots to replace the old pumps.

He also raised the waistline:


Note that when Robert slung his jeans low enough for you to catch a glimpse of his pubic hair, Jimmy (using magic and wizardry!) somehow managed to keep his bell-bottoms high and make it look good!

I wondered... did he borrow purposefully from the ol' Britons of the Napoleonic Era and thereabouts? Perhaps!


Ha! on everyone who read this far. You were accidentally educated using Jimmy's spellbindingly seductive powers! Mwahahaa!

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