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What's the weather like where you are?

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Near Leek? Have you ever walked The Manifold Valley?

I'm about half-an-hour away from Leek. I don't think I've walked The Manifold Valley. I did lots of walks in the Peak District when I lived in Sheffield (I lived on the side that borders the Peak District). I'm not sure where exactly, except it was bloody hard work but worth it for the views.

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Wetton Mill and Thors Cave is a fantastic walk. We are about 30 mins from there and it's pure bliss. Gets a bit crowded in the summer and there are plenty of places to camp. We spent many a stoned weekend with chums there

Can you be more specific? it was snowing hard here an hour ago. Thank God it stopped. I dont need the shit. Even though I greased the plowman for the season. Thanks God for Center Ice and League Pass

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A shot from NASA of the Great Lakes during the recent cold spell. The clouds over the lakes is lake-effect snow.

Its freezing here for sure. A light snow has started to fall just as I salted my driveway that is a hill. I am probably 10-15 miles south of Lake Ontario as the crow flies :freezing: :freezing:

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