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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

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(Steely Dan)

With stocking face I bought a gun

The plan was set the plan was done

Looked at my watch and started for the door

Now the food here ain't so good no more

And they closed the package store


Love your mama, love your brother

Love 'em till they run for cover

Turn the light off, keep your shirt on

Cry a jag on me

Oh Michael Oh Jesus you know I'm not to blame

You know my reputation for playing a good clean game

Oh Michael Oh Jesus I'll keep my promise when

You turn that heartbeat over again

My poison's named you know my brand

So please make mine a double,

Stir it up nice I'll eat it right here

This highway runs from Paraguay

And I've just come all the way


We warned the corpse of William Wright

Not to cuss and drink all night

Ticket in hand I saw him laid to rest

But zombie see and zombie do

He's here with me and you


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Seriously !! :D Popeye is on right now !!


Track listing

1. Captain Kangaroo

2. Little Rascals, The

3. Flintstones, The

4. Woody Woodpecker Show

5. Bugs Bunny Overture

6. Casper, The Friendly Ghost

7. Felix The Cat

8. Popeye

9. Yogi Bear

10. Magilla Gorilla

11. Top Cat

12. Jetsons, The

13. Fireball XL-5

14. Howdy Doody

15. Beverly Hillbillies, The

16. Petticoat Junction

17. Green Acres

18. Mr. Ed

19. Munsters, The

20. Addams Family, The

21. My Three Sons

22. Donna Reed Show, The

23. Leave It To Beaver

24. Dennis The Menace

25. Dobie Gillis

26. Patty Duke Show, The

27. Dick Van Dyke Show, The

28. Gilligan's Island

29. McHale's Navy

30. I Dream Of Jeannie

31. I Love Lucy

32. Andy Griffith Show, The

33. Star Trek

34. Lost In Space

35. Twilight Zone, The

36. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

37. Superman

38. Batman

39. Flipper

40. Combat

41. Rifleman, The

42. Bonanza

43. Branded

44. F-Troop

45. Rin Tin Tin

46. Daniel Boone

47. Wild Wild West, The

48. Lone Ranger, The

49. Happy Trails

50. Mission: Impossible

51. Man From U.N.C.L.E.

52. Get Smart

53. Secret Agent Man

54. Dragnet

55. Perry Mason

56. Adam-12

57. F.B.I., The

58. Hawaii Five-0

59. 77 Sunset Strip

60. Surfside 6

61. Ironside

62. Mannix

63. Mod Squad, The

64. Tonight Show, The

65. Late Late Show, The

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