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Hot Pics of Robert


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He looks SO GOOD now! :o I mean, he looked good before, but that Viking Bob look works swell. And the gray is awesome. What's that thing he's holding? That's the biggest Roman coin I ever seen.


:o :o :o :o *biting knuckle*

Hrm, I must contribute something... Lemme dig through my Planty stash....


(Click on it to go to the Picasa page... You can see it bigger I think.)


I'm sorry, but him and his wife are adorable.



All hail the halfstache! :thumbsup:

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Wow, haven't seen a few of these pics on this last page. Very nice! B)

Also, if I ever get the good fortune of meeting the man, I want my pic to look like the one above. :air_kiss:

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