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What's the Next Concert You're Attending?


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There's a freaking logjam heading my way later this month.

First, the week of Thanksgiving, the Cure are playing the Pantages Theatre Nov. 21-23 while Lucinda Williams is playing the El Rey Theatre Nov. 22-23.

Then, on December 1, I either go to Iggy and the Stooges at the Hollywood Palladium or My Morning jacket w/ Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings at Universal Amphitheatre. Arrrrgghhhhh...this is when I need CLONING!

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Nov. 1: MASTODON, those heavy dudes from Georgia, at the Wiltern Theatre tonight! With The Dillinger Escape Plan and Red Fang.

Nov. 2: Another logjam...I have a choice to make among these shows...I'm open to suggestions:

1) Architecture in Helsinki @ The El Rey Theatre, w/ Dom & the Sandwitches

2) tUnE-YarDs @ The Music Box w/ Cut Chemist

3) Lydia Loveless @ Bootleg Bar w/ Olentangy John and Last American Buffalo

4) Wild Flag @ Troubadour Club w/ Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives ( Wild Flag is the new band featuring Carrie and Janet from Sleater-Kinney, and Mary of Helium )

Decisions, decisions.

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1) Architecture in Helsinki @ The El Rey Theatre, w/ Dom & the Sandwitches

2) tUnE-YarDs @ The Music Box w/ Cut Chemist

3) Lydia Loveless @ Bootleg Bar w/ Olentangy John and Last American Buffalo

4) Wild Flag @ Troubadour Club w/ Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives ( Wild Flag is the new band featuring Carrie and Janet from Sleater-Kinney, and Mary of Helium )

Decisions, decisions.

Tough one, especially since I'm a fan of #'s 2-4. I realize that doesn't help any but I do empathise with you.

Tomorrow night Chuck Prophet w/ Heather McEntire of Mount Moriah are playing at the Casbah in Durham. The next night Chris Knight is doing an acoustic show (accompanied by Chris Clark on guitar) at the Berkeley Cafe in Raleigh. Even though I've never seen Chuck Prophet before and I love Mount Moriah, I'm probably going to opt for the Chris Knight show. I've only seen him once but that's been several years ago now.

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^^^Because of last-minute schedule changes and logistical issues, I ended up choosing the Wild Flag show @ the Troubadour.

How was that? I love their video for "Romance", especially the part where they knock the Arcade Fire album off of the Now Playing stand in the record store.

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hey guys new to zep.com just doing some searching and posting

the next gig i`ll be attending will be Kasabian in dublin on the 26 of november 2011 at the o2

I`ve seen them once before the last time they played the o2 in 2009 and i have to say they were amazing so i`m really looking forward to gig.

And then 6 days after that i`m going to see The Darkness in the Olympia Theatre another band i`ve had the pleasure of seeing live and another band i can`t wait to see again

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Tonight Nov. 10: BRANDT BRAUER FICK @ Satellite(formerly Spaceland) in Silver Lake. One of the more interesting electronica acts to come along in recent years. Check out this cool video for "Bop"

A piece in the LA Times today:

Brandt Brauer Frick defies electronic-music conventions

By August Brown November 10, 2011

The abiding problem with seeing electronic music live is that what you're hearing often has no relationship to what's happening onstage. Whether it's a DJ cross-fading or a dubstepper banging on a sampler pad, a guy behind a laptop could be doing almost anything -- perhaps just hitting the spacebar.

The German electronic dance trio Brandt Brauer Frick pulled the curtain back in the video for its well-received single, "Bop." Over its nine minutes, the experimental electronic group takes the stage on a cheeky fake-TV show, "Minimal Parade," and methodically shows you how it's done. The song starts with a whack on a muted drum, then on the side of a xylophone, with stick claps and a bit of synthesized bass to build a handmade house beat. Then clones of the band members join them and build it out -– dissonant pianos, vocal slivers and a human-sized shaker add up to an orchestra of many Daniel Brandts, Jan Brauers and Paul Fricks making some of the most beguiling dance music in recent years.

The clip is a funny riff on the depersonalization of wonky electronic music and also a kind of brave open-source guide to their process. The formula yielded two acclaimed albums, including last month's "Mr. Machine," that manipulate classical instruments to arrive at a sound meant for late-night raving. The band has two dates in Southern California this week, including the Satellite on Thursday and the Luckman on Saturday, part of a rare U.S. tour that continues the buzz from its 2011 Coachella performance, which turned heads for defying nearly every stereotype about electronic dance music -- the biggest being that it's all just cutting and pasting.

"A lot of my studies were in weird, noisy, avant-garde music," Frick said. “But when we started playing them in this dance context, it felt surprisingly fresh."

If it sounds gimmicky on paper, on record BBF's musical logic quickly coheres. Its sounds are less about swooning romance and more about the repetition, drone and sound-art legacies of Steve Reich and John Cage. Its members have formal music training (Frick's at the Berlin University of the Arts) and swap instruments constantly, and although their sonic palette comes from the reedy, organic timbres of a chamber orchestra, they dice them up into samples and loops that interlock into surprisingly sinuous beats and melodies.

They aren't playing techno on classical instruments -- they're sampling themselves to make an especially handmade kind of club music. "Pretend" gets a sense of impending doom from timpani hits, while a skittish marimba gives the song its swing, and guest vocalist Emika gives a frosty spin on the already-deadpan vocal style of Nico.

"You Make Me Real" takes liberties with atonality and ambience, and "On Powdered Ground (Mixed Lines)" creeps like a highbrow update of a slasher-movie score. But the record's high points come on songs such as "Mi Corazon," when all the interlocking percussive elements catch like watch gears, a funk-steeped bass line propels it forward and the band arrives at the same catharsis and physical pleasure of techno by taking an entirely different path.

"It is heavily edited, but only to take it to a next level," Frick said. "We have a lot of really dirty sounds and do things like pluck strings inside the piano, but we also want it really clear so you can hear each element."

But as any crossover act knows, sometimes doing two things well means it's twice as hard to find your audience. Should they be playing acoustically treated concert halls to crowds of classical fans in evening wear, or sweat-damp warehouse parties with kids slipping pills to one another in a heaving throng?

The answer, surprisingly, has been yes to both. Stephen Bolles, who handles U.S. marketing for the band's label (the esteemed German dance imprint !K7), had the task of building that crowd in an American market where mainstream rave culture is a recent import and classical audiences have been steadily graying.

"They’ve played concert halls and gotten interest from serious classical journals," Bolles said. "But then I also saw them at Coco 66, a club in Brooklyn with just an incredible sound system, and if there was any doubt this was dance music, that cleared it right up."

Recently, the band has been touring Europe with a 10-piece ensemble, largely re-creating the intricacies of its albums and ditching much of the looping. The band will stick to the traditional three-piece configuration for this U.S. round, but it's a setting that the group actually prefers in some ways, as it's free to wander off the sheet music. You don't want to lose all the mystery, after all.

"The three-piece version really is rave music," Frick said. "It starts slower, but by the end it turns into really intense techno."

Copyright Los Angeles Times

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Megafaun w/ Bowerbirds at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC tomorrow night. This is a new venue located way out in the country that has only hosted a few live events so far including Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Gillian Welch and the Love Language. I'm not exactly looking forward to the drive but I'm most definitely looking forward to the music and to checking out the venue.

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And so it's here...the week that is going to test my stamina and wallet. Plus, a third show has been thrown into the mix, along with an appointment at the hospital. Oh, and it's Thanksgiving week, too. Which means finding time to prepare and cook my contributions to the feasts.

Monday 11-21: The Cure @ Pantages Theatre…seen many memorable shows at the Pantages: Talking Heads in 83, G n R 91, Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard in 2005, Springsteen in 2005...this should be another one.

Tuesday 11-22: Fiona Apple & Jon Brion @ Largo…this was a late announcement, but obviously a must-see...and it's tonight only, which meant the Cure would have to be Monday and then...

Wednesday 11-23: Lucinda Williams @ El Rey Theatre…fortunately Lucinda was kind enough to schedule two nights, otherwise I would have had to choose betwwen her or the Fiona show. In fact, Lucinda has a habit, or misfortune, of scheduling her concerts on the same nights of other great shows. Back in August, she was playing a free concert the very same day that Aimee Mann was ALSO playing a free show! I chose Aimee, thinking I would have to miss Lucinda this tour. Little did I know she'd be back so soon! Lucky for me...lucky for L.A.

Tuesday is my appt., Thursday is Thanksgiving, and Friday is the Pink Floyd/Led Zeppelin double-bill.

Yes, I'll have lots to be thankful for this week.

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Forum member - Beatbo, got in touch with me about ZOSO coming to the House of Blues in New Orleans Dec 29th, although I'll be out of town - I can say that when I saw them last year they were killer! The guy playing "Bonzo" was excellent. Closet Mody DicK solo I've ever heard to the real thing-he played to drums almost note for note.

Just heard on the radio today 870AM talk/news/sports some of the line-up for Jazz Fest 2012. The few they mentioned were The Eagles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Al Green and The Foo-Fighters.

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Since when are cover bands at the HOB considered a concert? I enjoy a cover band too once in awhile, many are really great acts, but that is not a concert. But I guess if some people pay up to $25 for a ticket then they may feel like they went to a concert.

It's still a concert whether it's a cover band or not.

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One of my guitar students has hinted that he's getting us tickets to see Brian Setzer, who I would obviously be thrilled to see. I'm also rather excited as it seems every show this guy goes to he somehow manages to meet the act. He is personal friends with Jimmie Vaughan and the last show I went to with him I got to meet one of the greatest blues players in the world - Walter Trout, as well as his opening band - Trampled Underfoot (not a Zep cover band, though they did cover Rock n' Roll).

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Just what I was thinking.

It can be a completely unknown band (or solo artist) performing in a pub and it's still a concert. Hell, they could be performing on the street or to no audience at all and they'd still be "in concert". Whether or not the material is original has nothing whatsoever do with the definition of the word.

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To be honest Jahfin, if somebody asked you what the first "concert" you went to, or how many "concerts" you have seen in your life. Are saying that you would include every street performance you paused at on the way to the store, or every bar band that was playing Mississippi Queen while you and your friends were playing a game of pool?

Yes, I would.

What I was questioning was the use of a term. I don't consider seeing a cover band at the HOB a concert IMO.

In this case your opinion is wrong, no matter the venue or even if it's a cover band it's still a concert. That's not a matter of opinion, it's fact. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the actual definition of the word:


Noun: A musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate compositions. Verb: Arrange (something) by mutual agreement or coordination

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January 24: Wilco @ Hollywood Palladium

January 25: Wilco @ Wiltern Theatre

January 27: Wilco @ Los Angeles Theatre

Support Act: White Denim

I've been waiting for this week ever since the new Wilco album was released and the LA tour dates announced. Along with Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Aimee Mann, Black Crowes, and a handful of others, Wilco is one of those post-1990 bands I always see whenever they tour. They always sound great and have interesting setlists. And they play a long show.

This week marks a landmark, as I will be seeing my 20th Wilco show, joining the list of acts that I have seen 20 or more times:

Rolling Stones

Robert Plant

Jimmy Page(including Led Zeppelin)

John Paul Jones(including Led Zeppelin)

David Bowie

Bruce Springsteen

Bob Dylan

Neil Young, in all his various guises

Jeff Beck

Buddy Guy

B.B. King

Taj Mahal

Richie Havens


Tom Petty

Van Halen

Blue Öyster Cult

Iron Maiden

Elvis Costello


The Cure


Social Distortion


Black Flag

Keith Morris

Redd Kross

Sonic Youth

Thelonious Monster

Jane's Addiction


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Beastie Boys

Nick Cave

John Prine

Neil Finn

Robyn Hitchcock

Aimee Mann

Jon Brion

Michael Penn

Fiona Apple

Steve Earle

Lucinda Williams



PJ Harvey


Moving Units

Darker My Love

Sean and Sara Watkins(including Nickel Creek)

My friend surprised me with the Palladium show tix as a Christmas present. The Palladium acoustics suck, but it's general admission and it has sentimental value to me, as it is the site of my very first concert.

The Wiltern has much better sound, is also GA, and is a beautiful Art Deco Theatre. I'll do my usual ticket routine for that show.

I'm not sure if I'll go to the third show yet. The Los Angeles Theatre is a gorgeous movie palace built in the heyday of Downtown LA in the 30s. As there is a day between the 2nd and 3rd shows, I'll have a couple days to think about it.

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