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Jeff Beck Thread


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Just got home from seeing Jeff Beck!!!!

Tyler Bryant opened, not bad at all!

Bass player was Rhonda Smith from Halifax, that girl has her groove goin' on. What a player.

Some where over the rainbow. How does he do it?

Nice tribute to Les Paul too.

I could go on but I have to get up at 5am.

Nite nite.


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If anyone out there is questioning Beck's guitar work, I suggest they listen to this tune. One of the finest guitar instrumental (solo) moments on record. This style of playing is reminiscent in Page's work as well. Page/Beck have alot of similarities.



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I know I am probably beating a dead horse by now, haha. But, I saw beck in Portland last year. It was one of the most phenomenal displays of musicianship I had ever seen! Funny story after the show I ran eight blocks to the Westin where Beck was staying and my wife decided to chill outside the venue. Beck ended up blowing past the array of fans hoping to get an autograph, but when I went back to meet up with my wife, she was chatting it up with Jimi Hendrix's brother Leon!

Too funny.

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When i was a kid in the mid seventies learning how to play the guitar, and getting into Led Zeppelin , my friends older brother told me I should check out Jeff Beck. In 1977 my mom was going out west on a trip to Vancouver. She asked me if I wanted anything and i said I would love a Jeff Beck album. She brought back the Jeff and Jan live album and it got me interested in him from that day on. I have seen him 3 times in the last 5 years and the guy is phenomenal. No body plays like him. His use of volume and his bar work are so unique. We've all seen tons of guitar players but if you really watch him you realise he is approaching the guitar from a much different place than most.

Jeff and Jan.bmp

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