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Alcoholic Beverages


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Easy and simple topic. If you are a casual, social or full-blown alcoholic, makes no difference to me. What do you prefer? Beer, wine, liquor, or whatever else there is on the market or at your nearest supermarket.

I will start off since I created this topic. I LOVE BUDWEISER! Plain and simple. Some people love Budweiser, some people hate Budweiser. I am one that loves BUDWEISER. I know that there are hundreds of other beers out there. Some are probably better than Bud, but you know what, I grew up drinking Budweiser ever since I was a teenager. And, not that this makes a difference (or maybe it does) I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. I now live in Dallas, Texas and I still drink Budweiser. Geographic locations do not seem to change my taste in quality beer. Remember, THIS BUD'S FOR YOU.

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Have the odd dry or green apple martini, a real Canadian vodka or tequila cesar, dark rum and coke, Bailey's coffee but usually, it's a cold beer for this kid

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Beer: all kinds, Hefe, Pale Ale, IPA, GUINNESS!!!, Mickey's, Bud, Natty Light, everything from Samuel Smith's to Samuel Adams! With anything and everything.

Tequila: Lime, no salt. Patron Silver, Don Julio, Jose Quervo, a good margarita on the rocks. I'll have the carne asada and some ceviche por favor. Salut!

Bushmills: Splash of water. Rare cut of the prime rib my good man. Cheers!

A nice Ruffino after a hearty Italian meal; Peroni to compliment my seafood pasta and bruschetta. Salute!

Sake: Preferably Nigori unfiltered, and a Sapporo to wash down my Hamachi Toro sashimi. Kan pai!

Ambev and caipirinhas with my Churasco. Saude!!

Tsing Tao with my Kung Pao. Kong chien!

Singha with my Pad Thai. Chook-die!

Warsteiner with my sauerbraten and red cabbage. Prost!

Primo with my bbq shortribs. Hipahipa!

Hite with my Kalbi, rice and kimchee. Konbe!

Radegast with my roasted pork, cabbage and dumplings. Na zdraví!

I'll get back to you after breakfast: Bloody Marys or Mimosa with my Eggs Benedict. Good morning!

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And oh yeah, Beer! :beer:

I like Heinekens, Corona Cervesa, Victoria Bitter or anything amber and cold!

Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Canadian Club, Southern Comfort or Cougar'll do!

Hey Ev,

Ever tried VB?

If not, do yourself a favour (if you can get it). ;)

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No, never heard of it. I'll have to check Lee's Liquor Warehouse in town. They've got everything. If they don't have it, you probably can't get it here.

It's made by the same brewers as Fosters, Carlton.

Serve chilled! ;)

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Well, of course this stuff.....

the round bottle on the far left was the most tasty of the bunch.


The bottle on the right had extra thujon added by ourselves and was possibly the most disgusting drink I ever had, but the impact was amazing.

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I prefer beer. Especially if I'm out a club or something. Usually Corona, or the white beers that have lemon or whatever in it. Either that or vodka.

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Red wine (dry), rum and coke, screwdrivers, Baileys, daquries, martinis.

Add rum or vodka to pretty much any liquid and I'll drink it. :D Not a big fan of beer but if needed I prefer something thick and dark... i.e. no Coors Light or Bud!

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Rum/Bacardi/Malibu/Whiskey and Coke (not collectively, mind),

Cranberry and Vodka,

Double Vodka and Redbull,

Dry White Wine (any),


Cider (Bulmer's, Strongbow or Magner's - I'm easy),



Too be honest, I'm not a big drinker. Should I have a tipple, those are usually what I prefer.

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I don't drink. I just decided there was no point to it and really, there isn't. I never touched the shit before I turned 21 and in the 6 years since then, I've had maybe 10 total. Which makes the idea of drinking pointless. And with drunks running in the family, why bother?

So I drink either Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper. Whichever is available where I'm at. If they don't have it, I drink water.

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Red wine, white zinfandel, sangria

Captain Morgan and coke

Cherry or vanilla vodka and coke

Woodford Reserve and coke

Vodka and Red Bull



Beer: Corona, Blue Moon, Stella Artois

Shots: Lemon Drop, Patron, Cherry Bomb

That's all I can think of...

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