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What show or live song are you listening to now?

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1977.4.27 Destroyer. At the very end of SIBLY, Percy ad-libs ending of In my time of dying ??? and they do a few runs of it even ending with the 1977 you shook me bit (tag on in my time of dying). I didnt have time to listen again. Is my recording spliced? I haven't listened to this show in 30 years. Need some explanation! Please. Help. Kinda freaked me out. Particularly since they had played in my time prior in the show.

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Ok. Sorry for the fire alarm. I went back and its spliced. For some reason in my time of dying is cut at the and and doesn't include oh my jesus and you shook me bit. Obviously its then attached to the next file (digital recording)  being SIBLY.

Whoooooooshhhhh. Man thought i had lost it today. Im good. Man, strange days indeed. 

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JRK just posted a remaster of the 9-28-71 soundboard release.  Nice.

If someone can make these board tapes sound this good (others have also done great remastering of these Osaka 1971 tapes), I wonder what the multitracks that Page apparently rejected sound like.

These remastered Osaka 1971 soundboards are just amazing.  

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May 13, 1973 - Mobile -- Insane listening schedule for me the next little bit between Zepp and the Dead (two shows a day until the 27th!), so I'm listening to this a day early.  I know it gets talked about a fair bit, but I forgot how good Page's solo on OTHAFA is at this show 🔥 Without question a "must hear" show...


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