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Hot pics of Jimmy

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I think he likes having his picture taken. That's good. Have you seen the ones where he flips off the photographer? I saw those in guitar world here in the U.S. He was on the cover with the Black Crows in 2000.

It seems that way, which is surprising as he's suppose to be so shy. I'm shy and it makes me uncomfortable when you have someone running around with a camera taking all sorts of pictures- like during my high school graduation. I've seen the 'flippin' the bird' pic many times and I know I have it somewhere. Would you like me to post it?

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It's not hard to make if you know how to sew, and you have the right pattern. I made one for my daughter. Now she wants another one because she saw Jimmy's.

I've been wanting a pair of velvet flares after I seen Jimmy wearing them. But since you can't find them any where any more, esp with this whole tacky 80's comeback, I'm going to have to make some myself with some help from my aunt. :lol:

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Perhaps this isn't as "naughty" to the Brits (the "V Sign" would probably be more naughty, yes?), but to a Yank like me, this is freakin' hot!!


Oh and Carrots1969 and Sunray782..nice crotch work B)

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