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Yer Favourite Album Cover?

Yer Favourite Album Cover?  

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  1. 1. Which ones your favourite?

    • Led Zeppelin I
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Led Zeppelin IV
    • Houses Of The Holy
    • Physical Graffitti
    • Presence
    • The Song Remains The Same
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Remasters / 1990 Boxset
    • BBC Sessions
    • How The West Was Won

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Personally, I am rather fond of the cover for Coda. I would have gladly said it was my fave, but otherwise it's LZ III.

Sorry, but it's boring, it's only saving grace is the photos.

What about mothership?!!....

Got to be Zeppelin 1 its universal and instantly recognisable

Only allowed 12 options, though I have to admit it's better then BBC Sessions (or HTWWW), wish I'd thought of that now.

I find the watercolours rather fascinating too. It is true that there are 6 different covers for the album but they are rather similar. I think the new www.ledzeppelin.com has photos of all six in the discography.

I don't think the inner sleeves are mcuh different copy to copy, it's the outer card sleeve that has six different views of the same bar room scene. The brown paper bag meant you didn't know which one you were getting mind, so it must have been a bugger to complete the set.

Cheers to all for the votes, strange how the two leaders are the more 'interactive' sleeves.

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I think my favorite album cover is either III or the fourth album. Those two are also tied at #1 on my list of favorite Zeppelin albums too.

III is indeed better as vinyl. I love turning the wheel

The fourth album's cover is almost as good, but honestly I tend to think of the whole packaged album art, which is terrific. The gatefold hermit picture and the Stairway lyrics on the inner sleeve are the best parts of it all. I remember back in 7th grade, I had a brown paper cover over my math book and I wrote the Stairway lyrics like that (in that font too) on the front and back cover, and inside flap. I drew the four symbols over it and a dragon and also, on the other inside flap, that poem about goin' to Rivendell from Fellowship of the Ring. God, how silly :rolleyes: Good times, though. That was back when I first got into Zeppelin, and when 'Stairway To Heaven' was my favorite Zeppelin song. Not anymore, really.

Sorry, I babbled. I vote for III or IV.

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PS No Coda, the sleeve sucks.

Great name, though. And the only Zep album I bought on the day it came out.

Edited to add: That's an awesome avatar, Mr. Mountain Hop.

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I voted How The West Was Won. I really like the colours and the fact the poses of the band look like drawings.

That being said, I think PG is just super cool. There's something about the cover that is very intriguing and almost symbolic. Like it's giving you a hint of all the different styles of music that make up the record (Building with many levels, each cut out of the windows showing something different etc...)

Lastly, ITTOD has a great concept of the same shot as seen from each person's angle but you have to open the booklet to see the full concept and since the poll was asking about the cover alone....

Honestly though Zep's album covers are all timeless and instantly recognisable. What a band...down to the album covers.

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They had such great album covers during their heyday, especially from III on. So what happened in the post-Zep years...BBC Sessions? Early Days/Latter Days? HTWWW? Those are some crap covers. :blink:

Where's Hipgnosis when you need them?

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I find the watercolours rather fascinating too. It is true that there are 6 different covers for the album but they are rather similar. I think the new www.ledzeppelin.com has photos of all six in the discography.

I vote for ITTOD because of the concept, that it's almost the same as LZIV idea (the music first, the sleeve second) but the thrill of the 6 covers was amazing ...


The watercolor inner sleeve was an expensive and intriguing addition ... :unsure:

I'ld mention also LZIII because of the wheel and the funny pictures but also because it's my fav album.

Anyway, all the sleeves are very distinctive .. that's cool :D

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I like that one as well. Oranges are very hard colours to reproduce when it's time to print and I remember reading in one of the books that was the problem they were having with the album cover and that's why it turned out the way it did. For a some what botched print job its lovely considering some of the things you usually see- blue skies with a purple tint to them- yuk!

Same choice, same arguments here :D

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