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whats your top 2 led zep songs?


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22 hours ago, Strider said:

1. The one I am listening to now.

2. The next one after that.

That is about right. No in all honesty, I have said my faves. Then after say my top 5. The rest are all about equal. I can honestly say i do not dislike any track.

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1. Stairway (TSRTS)

2. The rain song (TSRTS)

3. Kashmir 

4. The song remains the same

5. Trampled under foot

6. D'yer M'aker

7. Since I've been loving you

8. The ocean

9. Going to Cali

10. Over the hills and far away



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This is a very difficult question lol. As another poster alluded to sometimes it depends on your mood on a given day.

In The Light , How many more Times, Kashmir......You Shook Me (because this is the song that really turned me on to Zep)

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