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Explosive Live Tracks


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Had a Zep boot playlist on in my car on the way into the city....and on comes The Rover/Sick Again from 21/6/77. The power is incredible. The fact that Jimmy's guitar cuts out makes its re-introduction seem even more blistering. Strider I'm jealous 

Would love to hear your thoughts on explosive live songs and from which particular show and boot. For me, the solo in thank you from 31/8/69 also springs to mind. 



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30 minutes ago, John M said:

Celebration Day Toronto 1971

Especially the ending jam 2:50 to the end.   Electrifying.


Yes! Really any version , especially the 71 ones. There's a particularly rip roaring version from one of the late UK 71 shoes, I think it's Leicester. Bonzo breaks his bass drum head! 

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