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What's the weather like where you are?

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Got up to almost 80 here in New Hampshire. Very rare for this time of year.

LZFan77, I work with a man who is the director of public works for a town near here, so he is responsible for keeping all the roads opened and plowed during the winter. He pays some firm for weather forecasts. they correctly predicted the floods we had a few years ago. They are saying we will get hammered in snow this winter, and yes, you being near the Great lakes, you usually get twice what we get!! We'll have to wait and see, but I feel like we are due to get creamed in the stuff. Last year's winter almost wasn't one...

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Not a cloud in the sky, blue as far as my eyes can see. 1 degree Celsius which is 30 F? Going up to 8 degree Celsius which is 44 F? The color change is spreading everywhere, great for pictures. A very light breeze, and the ocean has some 1 to 2 foot waves about 11 seconds apart - will I go surfing today?

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Cloudy today about 12 degrees C. The sooth sayers are predicting a cold snap this weekend. Blue sky on offer but temps @ freezing at night to about 8 degrees in the day. Should be a fine weekend. Scotland predicted for snow flurries which may drift south. Also BST ends so the clocks go back this weekend. Very grim indeed :(

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Global warming my man. It's real, oh it's damn real.

You dont have to tell me. I paid a plowman for a full season. $200 and he plowed me once!!! I have his contract here and am mulling over it. Do I pony up the money? I mean, if it does not snow here for another winter, all hell has broke loose. Buffalo and Rochester get pounded as much as any cities in the US. I hope we avoid it for driving purposes but I think its highly unlikely it can happen again.

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