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Happy Birthday


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Like OMG!!! You are like how old?!

(Gotcha, again!)

Dearest Patrick,

Ha-ha-ha! Messing with you of course. Just

popping in to express wishes for a Happy Birthday

and belated Happy New Year 1908!

I am happy that you had lots of fun with that deluxe

Home-GermTM Microbiology Experiment Set

you had been forever wanting. The brothers at

the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic

Shrine (who each pitched in a few bob and quid to get

it) are always wondering if you've found any cures for

any bugs yet. [*snicker*]

You'll be really happy this year. While in Sicilia, I managed to

get nice deal on a bocce set for you. You'll have a ball

just like I had! And, that original copy of Abdul al-Hazred's

Necronomicon? Well it is all yours know!

(But, never mind those ... er ... white stains.)

I sent it all via aeroplane express post myself today, so you

should get it in a week or two. I picture you awaiting anxiously

by the post-box for such and having hour upon hours of fun.


Keepin 'em Rollin',

- Uncle Al.

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