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A Million Reasons Why Robert Plant Is Awesome


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This topic was off to a good start on the old board, so I figured, why not bring it back? I'll begin, and you'll take over! Oh, and try not to repeat each other. :) Here we go!


1. He digs country living, so you know he's not afraid to get dirty.

2. He can hold private conversations mid-concert and no one's annoyed.

3. You could bounce a quarter off that ass...

4. Even at age 59, there's still something boyish about him.

5. He loves children and animals.

6. He can totally pull off a frilly blouse.

7. He has the sweetest smile in rock'n'roll.

8. You can fantasize about him and not feel like a pervert.

9. He loves mythology. (Just like me!)

10. The man wrote a song called "Freedom Fries." That ALONE makes him cool.

Your turn!

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11. His smile! :D

While that IS a good reason, I specifically asked posters not to repeat each other. If we just keep posting the same 10 reasons over and over again, it'll just get boring. So I'm not trying to be mean, but could you think up something else that hasn't been said? Thanks!

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Yes, Aquamarine, it is different! There's more to Robert than his sexiness. I didn't want this thread to be limited in its scope...we celebrate every area of his life here! :)

16. He begot Logan Plant.

17. Musically, he's willing to try a little of everything.

18. Life crapped on him in the late 70s, and he somehow came through smelling like roses.

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I was going to say that.

24. His shirts

25. His shoes. I love his red chucks, I got some to honor him.

26. His jewlery.

27. His humor.

28. The way he sings "time" in TSRT during The Rain Song. I love that part.

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A few more reasons why Robert Plant is awesome:

He is comfortable enough with his masculinity to gender bend

He is not a plastic surgery mess

Moves just as beautifully as he did in the 70's

At 59, he would look great sitting cross-legged on an oriental rug, playing a sitar

Love ya, Robert. Always will.

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--He can still wail, he hasn't lost his voice like a lot of them do.

--He loves Tolkien. And Pagan mythology. ooooh, yeah. *shivers*

--Just look at that ass...

--He's a blond Lucifer. He's such a devil. bwahahaha.

--He talks, and talks, and talks, and talks....and talks some more. You'd never be bored.

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1. his awesome blonde locks

2. his exciting voice-he is singing with the whole heart and soul

3. his smile

4. he is so natural and has no star manners

5 .his love to animals

6. his poetic lyrics are beautiful

7. I think he has a great and good heart

8. everything together makes an unique personality

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His walk. Forget Walter's Walk... it's Robert's Walk! lol

There's a video floating around on YouTube that shows him walking down the street in NYC in 1977. <-- I think that was the year. Chest out, looking like a lion, cocky and over-confident.

Awesome. :)

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