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Favorite Led Zeppelin Album/Song


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Both are extremely difficult for me to answer. It varies over time, but I'd say right now Led Zeppelin I is my favorite album. IV is an insanely close second, and II is an very close third.

There are probably about 15 Zeppelin songs I'd be comfortable putting on this list, but since I have to choose one, I'd say Since I've been Loving You.

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My fave album: Physical Graffitti

My fave song : Dazed and Confused

It's too hard to pick a favorite and stick with it for too long. That is Zeppelin's biggest asset. Every song had it's own identity, nothing ever sounded alike. Which gives you a song for any situation, emotion or obstacle. Depending on how you feel that day it could be any song. Although, I tend to like the tunes that aren't overplayed. The Rover, Your Time is Gonna Come, Out on the Tiles, The Wanton Song, For Your Life...things like that. Favorite album? don't have a fav of that either, but I do have some sort of personal love with Presense which is also sadly overlooked.

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Every album is a masterpiece - IMO, but there's something very appealing and mysterious about Presence. That album is incredible. There is not a single song that I dislike from the entire Zeppelin catalouge. That's a scary thought. How could a band never write a "bad" song. The force is strong with them! Zep-can't be beat

Fav tunes vary, but I really love

Achilles Last Stand

Out on the Tiles

How many More times

The Lemon Song


For Your Life

The Rover


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So, what's you're favorite Led Zeppelin song or album?

I say Achilles Last Stand

And Zeppelin II

But coverwise, Zeppelin III can't be beat, with the rotations and all. B)

since im still relatively new i actually havent heard every song of theirs yet. but so far, my absolute favorite song is 'black dog' ....favorite record is led zeppelin's untitled/#four.

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