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y'know you're a zep-freak when....

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when you had the nerve to write this and then find it almost a year later:

If I was a reader of any kind, in the band or not, I wouldn't want to look through a huge thread with long blocked paragraphs...

But just in case I would, here goes: :D

I know there's been Good Times Bad Times too the point where you just couldn't help but say Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You. But you know what? You Shook Me so bad I was Dazed and Confused. I know that in the very near future, Your Time is Gonna Come to slide down the Black Mountain Side and end this Communication Breakdown they call rock music these days. I Can't Quit You, Baby, no matter How Many More Times there is a rumor of a reunion or a tour.

Of course you already know that there is a Whole Lotta Love for your return, as we always wait for you to tell us What is And What Should Never be. You can go ahead and sing the Lemon Song at the O2, and we'll still say our Thank You's, but if you don't do a smidgen more touring then you'll forever be known as a Heartbreaker. So kiss your Living Loving Maid goodbye for now, (She's Just a Woman after all). Because now is the time to Ramble On; however, don't worry if you think your search for Moby Dick will last too long. I'm sure at some point you'll be able to to Bring It On Home.

There may be some of us who'll be singing the Immigrant song on our way over to the UK. No doubt many Friends will be having a grand Celebration Day. But the thing is, Since I've Been Loving You guys, I've never heard anything half as good. I've been from Out on the Tiles to Gallows Pole and compared other bands like apples to oranges. But you guys are more like a Tangerine. That's the Way it goes I suppose. I don't want to make too much of a Bron-Y-Aur Stomp about it, but if you can't take your Hat's Off to Harper and continue on after the O2, I might just die.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but I know a Black Dog that can sure Rock and Roll. You can brave this rock Battle of Evermore, and find your own Stairway to Heaven. You can even do the Misty Mountain Hop when you get there if you want. But if you don't have Four Sticks Going to California, you'll all be helpless When the Levee Breaks.

Are you tired of the fact that the Song Remains the Same? Well I am too. The current rock state is gloomier than The Rain Song. Sometimes I bet you wish you were Over the Hills and Far Away from the pressure to be who we know you to be. You probably can't help but do The Crunge every time you get asked about Dancing Days in D'yer Maker. With no port to stop in, there is No Quarter for a ship lost in a storm in The Ocean we call touring.

There's no time to make Custard Pie, because we need you NOW to be The Rover all around the world. I'm not sure about you guys, but before I'm In My Time of Dying, I hope that I will get to see the Houses of the Holy---a concert so packed that one could get Trampled Underfoot. So as you make your way to the darkest parts of Kashmir, try to stay In the Light at Bron-Yr-Aur. But while you are Down by the Seaside, recall that it hasn't been just Ten Years Gone, it's been 27 years gone! It's time to make a Night Flight while you sing The Wanton Song, Boogie with Stu and maybe even a Black Country Woman. Let's just all hope you don't get Sick Again.

Remember, the O2 isn't Achilles Last Stand, this is Ulysses return! Many people say that you owe it to us fans, but really it's all For Your Life, not ours. If you still don't feel the need to revisit Royal Orleans then I suppose it's Nobody's Fault But Mine, and the rest of the world. I'm quite tired of listening to the Candy Store Rock of today's music and it's given me the Hots on for Nowhere. Don't just make your Tea for One, but include us all in a cup!

So in the evening of December the 10th, as people commute to make their South Bound Suarez, don't forget that the people who can't be there will feel like a Fool in the Rain. Everyone at the O2 will be inside eating a Hot Dog and in their own personal Carouselambra. Even though I won't get to see the show, I'll still have All My Love for you guys, and I'm Gonna Crawl and beg my head off just to see you just once.

And on that day I know We're Gonna Groove, whether Poor Tom can make it or not. As I said before, I Can't Quit You Baby, no matter how much I try to copy Walter's Walk. I'm pretty sure I need you just as much as I need to breath the Ozone Baby. So please go on tour, play old songs and make some more. I'll grab Darlene, and even though Bonzo's Montreux will be missed, I'm sure we'll still be Wearing and Tearing.


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When you know the number of each song:

good times bad times is n° 1

you shook me in n° 3

battle of evermore is n° 31

the ocean is n° 44

kashmir is n° 50

carouselambra is n° 71

and so on...

(I know this may seem useless but yeah... I know every number :rolleyes: )

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most of the stuff mentioned i do myself but idk if this has been said but i call my local radio station to hear zeppelin songs i probably already heard an hour before.. i cant stand to not hear roberts voice and the rest of the mighty zep for more than an hour or 2 .. i get crazy waiting to hear anything and as soon as that first note hits from page i know wAt song it is.. im sure that is common for a huge zep fan but just saying..

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You go to Goodwill/Salvation Army daily looking for somethimg that looks remotely like anything they might wear.

When you finally find something, no matter how much too little it is, you squish into it, hold your breath, & hope you look half as good as Robert might on his absolute worst day (if there is such a thing...)

Your teacher told you to write a poem on a historical event & you wrote about ZoSo/Four Symbols/whatever-you-call-it being released. (True story :D )

You bought your car because of all the ones you test-drove, The Ocean sounded best in that one.

You watched an entire Bad Company documentary hoping that somehow they might mention The Firm.

You can't eat any kind of seafood anymore. :unsure:

Your first words every morning are "Jimmy? Robert? Damnit! Just a dream!"

You get all excited when you get to learn about plant cells in science. :D

In your personal ad in the local paper, you included the sentence "Must love Zeppelin"

You got Black Amethyst lotion because it sounded like something Jimmy would like.

You go through Zep withdrawls while you're trapped in school all day.

Any time you see acronyms you try to make them be Zep-related.

And of course - you keep track of all the crazy thing you do for the love of Led Zeppelin.


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y'know you're a zep-freak when...

...you've actually listened to stairway to heaven backwards.

...you're pretty sure y'know what the symbols mean. (lol)

okay, now you think up some.


Your a Zep-Freak when......

Your (my beloved, but Late) Mother has Sir Jimmy's Birthday,

You have an 11 hour Zeppelin Tattoo on your Back, (see my Avetar)

You shout out to Robert Plant CBE, "Hey Robert, I Love You", to which he replys, "You've Waited a Long Time To Tell Me", (Wembley Arena 22/05/08, with Alison Krauss, & it can be heard on the Boot) & you make page 44 of the next day's London Evening Standard.

When your "Nice & Nephew" are called...... James & Paige.

You get asked to leave the "Hard Rock Cafe in New York" for trying to "Borrow" Bonzo's orange Bass Tom Tom.

But mainly when I took the Photo's of Page & Plant & the Glasgow SECC, (As shown on Photo Section on this site,look for Hang-man, photos from Glasgow) almost on Stage with them, (i thought for a minute i was part of the band??).

All the best for 2009,

Hang-man :ph34r:

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  • You wear Led Zeppelin lounge pants and tank to bed
  • You wear a Led Zeppelin Tee under your blazer to work
  • You make everyone stop talking when Jimmy comes on the Q and says "Hi, this is Jimmy Page and you're listening to Q104"
  • Your favorite Christmas present is a special Led Zeppelin Tee and you're a 47 year old woman
  • You're on this board every day
  • Your husband calls you "Mrs. Page"

im 14 and all i wanted for christmas was another led zeppelin shirt......

and i got two and a zeppelin hoodie :D:D

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...you were young and took your girlfriend to one of those "theme motels" that had a "Jungle Room" and instead of playing Barry White or some other "mood" music, you pull out your Led Zeppelin cassette and blast it while getting all Tarzan with Jane.


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You have 100's have musical choices at your disposal, and your 6 disc CD player has nothing but Zep in all 6 trays. Currently Mothership, BBC Sessions, HTWWW. Your DVD player has nothing but Zep in all 5 trays HTWWW, TSRTS, Mothership. All Zep all the time....lol Thank god my wife loves Zep as much as I do. Hmmmm....life partner choices based on...love for Zeppelin....nah just kidding.....NOT....yes I'am...well maybe...I'll get back to ya on that.

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You turn up the radio when ever you hear Zeppelin - even when its not your radio.

You can hear a Zeppelin song from farther away than your Black Lab.

You sit in a hot car in your garage because you pulled in while a Zeppelin song was on the radio and you cant leave until its over.

You spend WAY too much time making DVDs and CDs to try and get your friends/family to see the light.

You get goose pimples in anticipation everytime you hear Jimmy say" Its time to get the Led out" every night at 7:00PM on WMGK 102.9.

Oh, this is so true. I think I do ALL of the above! And alot of things that others are posting too. This is toooo funny.

Get the led out man! :drool:

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You know there isn't a new album out but you still check the Zeppelin cd/dvd selection in every music store you go to to see if there is any new treausres you can find.

You look in the index of every book about a classic rock musician to see if there is any mentions of Zep or the members of the band.

You say "Cool Shirt" to a complete stranger that walks by with a Zeppelin T-shirt on. (esp. if it's one you have never seen).

I know I have done that about a t-shirt, But just going on ZEPP.COM proves ya have to have some addiction to the music they made..It seems almost every time I turn on the radio=ZEPP is playing...Almost like the radio was waiting for me to turn it on so I could hear a ZEPP tune...*
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