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The Birthday Thread


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^^Thank you my dear friend Reggie. It's a beautiful day and me and my pal are going to get out and do some hiking:-) Think I'll put LZ III on for a spin in Celebration of the release in 1970...really cannot believe how fast the time is flying by. ;)

^^Thanks as well Charles, very kind of you to think of me:-) :)

^Paul, thank you as well, very kind! :)

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Sorry Deb...suffered a hangover from my brothers' birthday party the other night and forgot to log on to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. Belated birthday wishes to you, kind soul. Hope it was a good one! :toast:

:birthday: Happy birthday wishes today to badgeholder, pottedplant and ledzepfvr! Many happy returns of the day to you all! Rock on! :cheer:

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Thanks for the birthday wishes Deb, Strider and Stargroves.

Happy belated to you Deborah. Hope you had a great day.

Happy birthday to Badgeholder and Pottedplant.

Never forget our LZ brothers and sisters.

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