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John Paul Jones' Best Bassline


John Paul Jones Best Bassline  

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  1. 1. What's JPJ's Best Bassline?

    • The Lemon Song
    • Ramble On
    • Achilles Last Stand
    • The Song Remains the Same
    • We're Gonna Groove
    • Good Times Bad Times
    • What Is and What Should Never Be
    • Heartbreaker
    • Black Dog
    • The Rover
    • Nobody's Fault But Mine
    • Other (please specify below)

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I would say The Lemon Song wins the poll, but for some close seconds:

Ramble On, of course.

Gallows Pole, is great especially on the companion disc where you can really hear it.

Thank You, for being one of the most epic live tracks you must go back to the studio version to hear an amazing bass line since Jonsey played organ with bass pedals live.

What was up with Jonsey on LZ II?! He played some of his greatest bass work on every track on this album!

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I cou;d probably change my mind everyday as there are so many stand out points in most Zepp songs that JPJ plays some pretty intricate stuff.

At this moment for me though it's:

The Lemon Song

Good Times Bad Times

Gallows Pole

Ramble On

Dazed And Confused (Live) Those JPJ/ Bonzo bits flirting around with the music and often improvising while Jimmy solo'd

Then there are the live performances where the bass foot pedalls where used in No Quarter/ Stairway To Heaven and also Since I've Been Loving You. That is so great within itself.

Seriously, there are little bit's here and there of Jonsy's Bass playing that are brilliant and full of eagerness and pushing boundaries even in songs that are not so highly praised regarding his bass playing.

There all great and my mind changes all the time regarding what is best etc.

Cheers to one of the all time best musicians.

JPJ.... :)

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The live version of IMTOD. The companion disc of the re-issued PG with the work in progress IMTOD really highlights the bass line and just shows how truly awesome JPJ is.

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I chose D&C. Listen to his changing bass lines behind Jimmy's violin bow solo. Absolutely incredible!


But...even better is what Jones does before Jimmy's solo. It's sounds as if Jones stops, then starts all over again. Awesome dynamics, IMO. I listen to that part over and over every time I play that song.

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I voted The Song Remains The Same, for I will never grow tired of that song -never- it will always sound fresh, new, and full of life. MOSTLY because of mr. John Baldwin's GENIUS bass playing on it... Love that song so much!!

But... I just..... this wasn't really a fair poll. Rather unfair, really. How can one choose between dozens of perfect bass lines?? Jonesy is one in a million. Just..... I won't even get started on him because I can literally talk about him for hours!!! But okay. Even his work on the bass is... just.... amazing. I couldn't really choose... Welll, kinda. But it's still not.. like.. as if I prefer the TSRTS bassline over others so much. I mean, Ramble on was very Close!! And so many others, too. But I had to choose, ey?? :P

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