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the best live song of led zeppelin?


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Dazed and Confused from How the West Was Won and SRTS

Dancing Days

Going to California both from How the West Was Won

Whole Lotta Love from SRTS

Heartbreaker from Earls Court May 25th

Achilles Last Stand - '77


Nobody's Fault But Mine both from Kembworth

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Whole Lotta Love

The Song Remains the Same

Over the Hills & Far Away

The Song Remains the Same:

No Quarter

Royal Albert Hall '70:

Dazed & Confused

We're Gonna Groove

Bring It On Home

White Summer

How The West Was Won:

La Drone/Immigrant Song (My favorite one)

This ^ plus C'mon Everybody/Something Else from Royal Albert Hall.

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1. Dazed and Confused (Violin Bow Solo '77 as well.)

2. No Quarter

3. Heartbreaker

4. Whole Lotta Love

5. Pat's Delight/Moby Dick/Over the Top

6. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

7. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (Both in the early times and in latter '77)

8. Achilles' Last Stand

9. Communcation Breakdown

10. Kashmir

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Dazed and Confused was great, had lots of creativity and sound-was long but still enjoyable, Heartbreaker and The Song remains the Same are both favorites, live and in the studio, and of course Since I've Been Loving You is a great one too, great studio track-but really grabs you live

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This seems more opinion based than fact, but I'm going to have to go with these:

Dazed and Confused and How Many More Times for Jimmy Page's violin bow solo in live versions.

Moby Dick because of Bonham's insane drum solo.

Whole Lotta Love because the song was practically made for improv on stage with one of my favorite solos

When the Levee breaks because of John Paul Jones' lap steel guitar solo and the heavy drum beat from Bonham

In My Time of Dying because of the awesome slide guitar from Mr. Page and it has the first guitar solo I learned to play from beginning to end

While I'm at it, I might as well add every Led Zeppelin song!

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1970 - Heartbreaker & WLL

1971 - STH

1973 - R&R

1975 - D&C

1977 - Kashmir

1980 - ALS

2007 - Kashmir & IMTOD


I didn't know there was so much more there than they had ever brought. Robert sang it like he meant it- every phrase with command especially after the "honey bee" This was #1 highlight for me, Kashmir was #2.

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No Quarter from TSRTS.

^^^ Me too! It is one of the shorter live versions but everybody plays so tight. Robert's signature wailing is glorious along with Jimmy's sensual rhythmic guitar especially near the end. John Paul Jones and John Bonham are lock step in the groove the whole way...a fantastic performance imo.

Runner Ups.....(too many to list, but here are my 2nd and 3rd picks for now!) :)

The Rain Song, Earl's Court 5/24/75.

Ten Years Gone, Knebworth 8/04/79.

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as a side note the BIGLY from '98 had some bawls, not thread jacking just saying if anyone is looking for a live version that is more check it


if anyone is a fan of alternate or spontaneous lyric and delivery it has become a favorite for me. I think the honesty is a safe place for me and it is medicinal



thank you missytootsweet for reminding me of RAIN SONG, E.C. 5/24/75 and TYG at Knebworth mesmerizes me still.

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I had to think about this one, and honestly maybe it's just the one that kept coming back to mind as there are so many amazing live performances. They were just the BEST LIVE ...and maybe it's because it was the first song I heard...but here is my 2 cents :peace:

Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit You Babe


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