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Terrible album covers.

kaztor (slight return)

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I think it was Ginger Baker's daughter.

Nah, that's just a rumour. The artist simply saw a girl on the London Tube and thought she'd make a good model, but swapped ideas over to her younger sister (11 at the time).



(Ahah, I'm goin' to hell.)



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Well, just imagine how the Blind Faith album cover with the nude teen would go over today.

You could say that about Houses of the Holy to some extent by a band who's name alludes me a the momen <_<:rolleyes:

You beat me to it! :D

That's the one I alway post when this subject comes up.

Oh well, how about this?


Agh sorry about that, its a classic though isn't it, just think someone somewhere has a copy of that album :)

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