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Songs you could hear again and again and again and again and again


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Ever get that thing where you dig out an old CD for the car or whatever, and you get to a track you like so much that you play it again...and then again...and again...and then you realise you've spent an hour, or several consecutive short trips over a few days, listening to the same song?

This happens to me all the time, idk maybe I have a high boredom threshold, but the other day I wanted something loud & earthy for the trip to the supermarket, so I grabbed Louder Than Love. When the brutality of Ugly Truth kicked in, I thought that was just great...but I knew what I really wanted to hear, and sure enough, it soon arrived. And so, for the past 4 days now, I've listened solely to Hands All Over, at max volume, screaming along to every single word.

Does this seem strange, or do others experience this occasional extreme devotion?


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When My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" album came out in 1991, I was naturally knocked out by the whole album, but when I got to the track "Come In Alone", I had to hear it over and over. I still will hit the repeat button to this day when I listen to the record.

Other songs through the years that I have re-cued the needle to, or press repeat:

The Beatles - "Tomorrow Never Knows"

Velvet Underground - "All Tomorrow's Parties"

Rolling Stones - "Moonlight Mile"

John Coltrane - "My Favorite Things"

Judy Garland - "Do It Again"

June Christie - "Something Cool"

Nina Simone - "Lilac Wine"

Dave Brubeck - "La Paloma Azul"

Cocteau Twins - "Carolyn's Fingers"

Sonic Youth - "The Sprawl"

Jane's Addiction - "Summertime Rolls"

Morrissey - "Late Night, Maudlin Street"

Ride - "Dreams Burn Down"

Jeff Buckley - "Hallelujah"

Soundgarden - "Head High"

Flaming Lips - "Are You a Hypnotist?"

Radiohead - "Let Down"

Portishead - "Mysterons"

Goldfrapp - "Hairy Trees"

Low - "When I Go Deaf"

Broadcast - "Come On Let's Go"

Grandaddy - "Jed's Other Poem(Beautiful Ground)"

Aimee Mann - "Deathly"

Led Zeppelin songs I hit repeat on:

"Dazed and Confused"

"Since I've Been Loving You"

"That's the Way"

"Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp"

"When the Levee Breaks"

"Rain Song"

"The Rover"

"Ten Years Gone"

"In the Light"


"Boogie with Stu"

"Achilles Last Stand"

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I don't think I could list them all.

I think it began when I was very young, maybe 6 or 7 and I had a portable stereo turntable.

I would sit it on my bed and play a 45 of Bent Fabric's Alley Cat.

I left the arm up so that ith would return to the start on its own.

I would literally lay on my bed for hours listening to it over and over.

So now, I obsess on single CDs and even single songs very easily.

Ask my co-workers how much I liked Amy Winehouse a few years back when I "discovered" her (long after everyone else, to be sure).

That's part of the reason I have to use headphone/earbuds in the office now, LOL.

I think the craziest of all was when I used to work all-nighters to get the magazine finished in time for deadline, and I was the only one in the office all night.

I would rock my computer speakers as loud as I wanted, as the building was almost deserted, and I have a fairly decent little setup, including a sub.

Once, I was really stuck on Beyond The Universe from 1977's Derringer Live, which is about 7 minutes long.

But it was a particular 30-second stretch of the solo that I've always loved, and had gone into my obsession mode on.

So, naturally, I saved the 30-second section of the solo as a separate mp3, and let it play on my Windows Media player on repeat for the entire night, easily 12 hours straight.

12 hours x 60 minutes = 720 minutes, which would be roughly 1,440 plays throughout the night.

I was on adipex (phertermine) for weight-loss at the time, which only increases my focus and obssessive tendencies.

If you're curious, here's the 30-second snippet I so adore.


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Now we're moving to interesting territory...obsessing over parts of songs. I have a couple of those myself...I'd be interested to hear your 30-sec thing TypeO, but unfortunately the link's not working for me. Can you give me a start-point and I'll go check it on YT.

OK, I updated the link - the original in my post should work now.

Here it is - updated.


This is the full song I uploaded to YouTube a while back.

The part in question begins at around 5:25 or so.

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That's pretty cool. I might even have heard it live, cos I saw him supporting Frampton at Landover in 1977, and was very impressed but never got around to buying his live album. However, I did DL it awhile back, so I must check it out. Cheers for the reminder!

Yeah, that '77 Derringer Live is a fantastic live album.

It's where I first heard what became his standard line for playing Rock 'N Roll Hootchie-Koo -

I wish we could play all night long for you guys, but we only got time for ONE... MORE... SONG!!!

I also love where he transitions into You Really Got Me in the middle of his solo.

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"Us and Them" by Pink Floyd

"She's Out of My Life" by Michael Jackson

"Tearing Me Apart" by Jewel

"The Logical Song" by Supertramp

"Cruising" by Smokey Robinson

The Vienna Symphony's recording of Mahler's Third Symphony with Leonard Bernstein conducting.

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