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Hot pics of Jimmy


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Wow, that's a beauty. I wonder where/what circumstance it was taken? Looks like a giant weed patch in London :)

I think it was taken outside the Swan Song office on Kings Road.. I might be wrong though

Now that is one fantastic pic.

Where did you get it and is there more? :D

here's another one


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More from Halfin!



The jacket is groovy. :hippy:

I agree, the jacket suits him very well. I love those pics, he looks totally awesome there.

Wow Lola! Great posts!

One of my favourites from the O2;


That is the best pic of him from that evening I've seen so far, just gorgeous.

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Sticking to the previous page...


He looks freakin awesome :wub:


One of my all-time favorites...



..and two more. I want that coat very badly--one like it, anyways. Although it would be freakin' sweet to have that one :D


I remember calling that "wowwowwowwow..." :lol: I got that one as part of some kind of article. I don't think it was in English though. Anyways, I love it (obviously:rolleyes:) :thumbsup:

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