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What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

The Pagemeister

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Emilie LESBROS : vox / Raymond BONI : guitare, harmonica-

b/c France Musique, "A l'Improviste", 14 November 2007

Radio France, Studio 106

Some pretty out there vocal improvisation.... guitar too

reminds me of a CD called Vocal Neighborhoods

Atomic Punk - Van Halen, Minneapolis 2007

Van Halen is pretty hot on this tour aren't they? I was really blown away.

I've just heard the 1st and 5th nights.

Charlotte was an amazing tour opener.

Led Zeppelin - Southampton 1/22/1973

How do you like this recording. I just got this yesterday and have been listening to it all day now. I really like it. :thumbsup:

Are you guys talking about the multi-track?

Sounds great eh?

It's funny/interesting to hear different sounds being experimented with, a little more or less reverb here and there. Bass guitar in and out and up and down in the mix and so forth. I really like the Dazed and Confused.

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After reading the Rush thread I thought I had to check out some of their stuff, everything from Anthem and A Passage To Bankok to The Trees and YYZ. I thought a couple of tunes from Fly By Nighter was ok, but the rest, I just don't get it. Well, at least I have tried.. :D

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