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Scientists research cause of blue eyes

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I used to want blue or green contacts. Then one day I was told that I had beautiful eyes so I changed my mind. Eyes are beautiful no matter what color they are, no one else has eyes like yours.

I have a little tiny blue spot on my left eye, how mutant does that make me?

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'Cause I mispelled your name in my last post crazy ! :D

I saw that--but I thought there may have been a bigger joke that I wasn't getting. :unsure:

Del! That picture is freakin' scary! :o

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I wear Ray Bans too.

..Elegance model though, not Baloramas.


..brown ones. ;)

I have had my vintage Balorama's since I was in high school. I always liked the way they looked on Clint Eastwood.


Now I mainly wear the Ray-Ban Predator 2 model. They look almost like the Baloramas but a bit lighter and have a matte finish.


The thing I really hate about the newer Ray-Bans as compared to the vintage 50's -70's models is all the damn writing on them. On the older models there was NO writing on the lenses or arms (Ray-Ban)... just on the inside. And in fact if you have a vintage pair of Wayfarers or Baloramas, the only writing on the lens was a very tiny 'B L' (for Bausch & Lomb) on one of the lenses. Unfortunatly Bausch & Lomb no longer owns the Ray-Ban line. But still for my money, you can't beat the 'G-15' lenses coating that Bausch & Lomb developed for military pilots back in the 40's.

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I love blue eyes. I have brown but a couple years ago i was going to get blue contacts to see if i looked more attractive with them. Does anyone know if you can still do that? I wear contacts anyways.

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