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Pilot of the Storm

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I love pancakes. I often go to Pancakes restaraunt where they make the yummiest pancakes with maple syrup and cream. I make them at home too, similar recipe to the one above, but the ones at the restaraunt are so good. The cream is just so ... creamy! :rolleyes:

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It sure was !

I squeezed it out of the teat myself ... :D

...and I don't mean a Buttermilk mix made with water...nope...CHICKEN eggs, WHOLE COW BUTTERMILK, and a little oil. 1030W. ;)

Mmmm... now that's the way to do it! :D

I love to make pancakes from scratch, then just put butter and sugar on them, roll them up, and scarf 'em down.

Nutmeg, or lemon sound wonderful, too! Next time.

(Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of hilarious that in New Orleans they'll be dancing drunk and half naked through the streets, while in England they're ... eating pancakes? :lol: )

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