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Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?


Is Led Zeppelin Your Favorite Band?  

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  1. 1. Are they in your top 5, the best ever, or are you here to trash them for no reason?

    • Yeah they're the best!
    • They're in my top 5.
    • They're okay.
    • No I'm just here to trash them.
    • Zeppa Who?

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I like to see some of the old threads dusted off. Why not...

Number one for me.

But why?

They are the only band that did not put out anything I didn't like. Most of their music I absolutely love, some of it I can say I like, there is nothing I dislike or really don't want to listen too of theirs. And yes, I include CODA when I say that. They are the only band I can say I at least "like" everything they have done.

I know radio ruined some of Zeppelin's work for some on here, of course that is not a fault of the band. Fortunately/unfortunately radio around here didn't over play Zep, they over did it on plenty of others though.

All other bands in my top 5 have put out some brilliant work, but for me they all turned out some real duds too. Loved by many, but not me.

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I couldn't vote because there's no top 10 option. I would rank Zeppelin still after all these decades in my top ten definately but as life rolls on one finds other bands or musical genres that moves the list up or down accordingly.

So top ten it is, still.

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Hawkwind are my favourite band these days, have been for a few years.

The fact that their back catalogue is so vast and varied and that they're still touring and releasing albums helps though.

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No matter how much I try to get away, I can't. Dysfunctional loyalist, here. #1 fave 24 years and counting. Dorks. Why can't you suck? I hate myself for lovin you! I take the cd's out of my car and put other ones in for awhile. Then I have withdrawl and grab the Zepp cd's again, like I'm sneaking out for a cig. When I open the glove compartment they fall all over the place and I frantically try to catch the one I NEED to hear right then and there, or I will self combust. It is a sad, sorry state of affairs.

That's hilarious! I do the same thing. It is just so hard not to listen to them!

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My top 5 changes a lot but it consists on a regular basis Led Zeppelin, The Tea Party, Def Leppard, Everclear, and Airbourne. Sometimes Public Enemy, Bob Marley, Doctors of Madness, Mel Torme, and Sheryl Crow. But Zeppelin would always be in there every few weeks and normally at or near the top of my list depending on my mood.

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Ah!now I know why you are always mentioning and defending dylan on a Led Zeppelin website.Try another site.

What the hell is your problem? I'm not always mentioning Dylan. The only times I have mentioned him were in the "Bob Dylan" thread.

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It's a tie - Led Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles and Queen. Really can't choose one. But I guess I listen to Zeppelin alot more than I do for other bands.

I'd be damned if a day goes by and I don't listen to at least one Zeppelin album :D

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Been thinkn bout this for a while,....

Sabbath Kicks Ass,...

Van Halen RULES....

The Beatles are oooh soo Killer.....

and The Rolling Stones Rock!

The Who is Bad to the Bone....

The Cream is Icing on the Cake!

Hendrix is Amazing....

and Lynard Skynard is too!

Bad Company I Digg....

Foghat is Cool....

Foreigner is Sweet ,....BUT!!!

If I was a Guitar Player (which I aint) I'd play a Les Paul and a Stack or 2 of Marshalls!

I wanna Jamm w/JPJ!!!

and I've been lookn for a Robert Plant look alike, to start a Band with , ...; still lookn btw,....

JOHN HENRY BONHAM!????,... I'm 50! and I can still sit behind a kit of drums and make believe!,.....

Led Zeppelin my Favorite???

The Song Remains the SAME!!!

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Look. Untill I was 10, I didnt care about music at all... all the disco and shit my friends used to listen to (was cca 1993)... nah... then my brother got "Led Zeppelin 4" and I heard Stairway to heaven. Oh lord... I used to come from school and play Stairway few times, then again in the evening. After a while (few weeks? Months maybe?), my brother was like... hey... why dont you ever listen to other songs from the album? They are also good...!!! I thought.... allright, could try it... whatever...

...so I pressed 1...

And you already know the rest of my story I guess. I am 29 now, so its been nearly 20 years already! Led Zep is the first band I ever listened to and are #1 for me ever since... and forever will be.

!!!Greatest band of the whole fkin time!!!

EDIT: Ok, I will also add the rest of my list, it would have to be something like this:

#1: Led Zeppelin


#2: Deep Purple

#3: Black Sabbath

#4: Jimi Hendrix

#5: Pink Floyd

Maybe 3/4 is a tie or could be swapped, but else I think this is pretty much it.

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I disagree wholeheartedly with the claim that Led Zeppelin are the "greatest" act of all time. Hell, they don't even beat very many of the greats in influence (unless you count shi- oops, I mean heavy metal), hell, I've heard more artists cite The Beach Boys as an influence than Zeppelin.

Sure, Zeppelin is good (bolding this so no one can say "get out of this forum if you don't like zeppelin (or any such variation)"), and I enjoy them, but the "best" title, is better reserved for acts such as The Beatles (even though I'm not to big of a fan) or The Rolling Stones. At least in rock music.

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