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Long Beach '75 soundboard


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That term "matrix" gets thrown around a lot, sometimes it's when you get some SBD, with aud. patches (side-by-side) other times when more than one source is running simultaneously,(ON TOP of each other). I think they need seperate names. I say when it's the latter we call it a "source merge". But I'm sure that will work itself out eventually. Anyway, nice to see SOMETHING NEW coming soon!

Some boot sites use the term "matrix" (or mtx) where others use the term "merge". I agree that your suggestion to call them "source merge" is a good idea..it's clearer and easier to understand than the term matrix.

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Nice recording - another fine '75 SB, my favourite tour. :D

Like most shows from that year there are a few hiccups, but overall on first listen it sounds like an enjoyable gig. Looking forward to getting to know this one a lot better in the next few weeks...

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