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Took Daisy to vets today as she stopped walking, couldn't walk. Got shit scared. She seems better now and no discernible issue could be found - they tested for a snake bite (we have chooks). Most likely scenario is she finally bit into a bee as she often tries to do, or trod on something bity/stingy. Just need to monitor. She is usually a very happy girl, but is rather low key now. Hopefully better tomorrow....

ouuta the way Jackie, I want to get a pic of Daisy!



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I have always been a dog lover, currently have an awesome Malti-Poo which is 18 months old and "talks" as well. Not actual words but I have never seen a dog with such a variety of vocalizations and she only does this during play or when she wants / needs something. She is a real sweetheart too, a lover, not a fighter.

One of the things about dogs which is amazing is they are a direct reflection of their owner in most cases (rescue dogs being the exception due to getting the dog as an adult). Whenever I see a yappy dog, guess what, the owner is usually a loud-mouthed jerk. Aggressive dog, the owner is usually a prick. So if you ever want to know the true nature of a person, check out Rover (that is if they have a dog). Also, sad, depressed dog...likely an abusive owner.

The older I get the more I come to realize the domesticated dog is the greatest gift the universe has given to human-kind.

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On 6/22/2022 at 3:25 AM, rm2551 said:

Jack is deteriorating. If no good by Friday (It's Wed evening right now) I'll be making that hardest of car trips to the vet.

So fucking sad it's unreal....

Yes. I've cried many tears when they go. 😢

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